Best Dog for A Single Person – Make A Right Choice


If you are interested in owning a dog and currently live alone, having a four legged companion can quickly brighten your day! The joys of dog ownership are especially noticeable when you are single and can devote the proper time and energy to caring for a dog.


Dog For A Single Person


Additionally, all aggravations and frustrations that come with owning a dog are subsequently magnified for single dog owners, so make the decision whether you fully intend on owning a dog before adopting a pup. The idea of dog ownership may be appealing, but the actual deed may quickly become a chore depending on your lifestyle and the hours you spend away from home. Since your dog will live in your home, you will also want to ensure you are allowed pets at your current residence. If you are not allowed to have pets where you presently live, only consider becoming a pet owner if you move to a residence where the four legged kind are welcome.

Many apartments, condos, and other rental properties also have size caps on the accepted pooches, so be sure your pup will fit into those size requirements when he becomes a full grown dog. Remember, any breed of dog is small as a puppy, but they can quickly grow into large dog, so you will want to take this size into account when looking to own a dog in a less than spacious residence.


The biggest obstacle for a single person who wishes to own a dog is their schedule. Whether you go to work every day or attend school full time, any task that takes you outside of your home may make dog ownership difficult. Additionally, if you do a great deal of travel for either your job or your personal life, you may want to reconsider the responsibility of owning a dog, since he will have to either accompany you on your trips, be cared for by someone else, or be boarded in a kennel for your duration of your stay. Also, if you have an active social life that takes you outside of your home a great deal of time during the week or weekend, you should reconsider the idea of adopting a dog since you will need to be in your home to care for your new dog.


If you do decide to adopt a dog, carefully choose which dog that best fits into your lifestyle. Again, consider your physical space when choosing the size of a dog.

Furthermore, you should consider the activity level in your lifestyle when choosing a dog. If you are an active type that enjoys a great many outdoor activities, you should choose a dog that also reflects that interest. However, if you want a laid back, low key dog, avoid choosing a breed known for its hyperactivity. Furthermore, some dogs work well by themselves whereas others are incapable of being left alone, so you should take this into consideration before making your decision.

Can You Leave A Dog Alone

Test a dog to see how well he handles being alone by leaving the room. If you hear frantic scratching, barking, or whining, you may need to either reconsider your choice or work with your pup to address any abandonment issues.


Most individuals are away during the day either for work or school purposes, so you should make the appropriate choices how to care for your dog. Consider coming home on your lunch break or asking a friend, family member, or neighbor to check in on your pooch during the daytime hours. You may want to consider hiring a pet walking service to care for your dog during the day and allowing him to relieve himself outdoors while you are away.


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