Dog Grooming: Making Your Dog Cool And Beautiful


Each breed of dog will require different methods and techniques for proper grooming. Some dog breeds require complicated grooming practices, such as the intricate cuts associated with the poodle breeds. The toy, miniature, and giant versions of the poodle breed feature puffs of hair carefully constructed around the dog’s hips, shoulders, and ankle joints, as well as on the tip of the tail.


Dog Grooming: Making Your Dog Stylish

Other breeds, including many terriers, do not require such in-depth grooming but instead should be stripped of their back hair usually twice a year. This grooming practice should be performed only by a licensed individual and will dramatically decrease the amount of maintenance your dog’s coat requires.


A properly groomed dog exudes a picture of health since a dog’s coat is an outer representation of what is going on inside of the dog. Healthy dogs feature shiny, glossy coats with hair that is sleek and free of breakage. Dogs with dull, matted, or patchy coats often are not healthy and should be immediately taken to a veterinarian to have his health monitored.


Many health problems that may lie dormant inside the dog are announced through the look and feel of the dog’s coat. For this reason, you should carefully monitor the look and health of your dog’s coat, noticing any differences in the color, texture, or shine. If your dog’s coat begins to look worse for the wear, seek medical help from a veterinarian.


Most dog owners seek the professional skill of a groomer in regard to the proper grooming of their dog’s coat. Again, the specific breed of the dog depends on the skill level necessary for the proper grooming of his coat. However, it should be known that you are under no obligation to maintain a complicated style of cut. The style of cut is extremely important if you plan to register your dog in a dog show since the cut and style is a prerequisite for a four-legged entrant, but otherwise, it is unnecessary.

Many individuals with breeds that usually sport prissy cuts choose to have their dog groomed in a more modest manner. Before you choose a style or cut for your pooch, consider your living environment and the overall lifestyle of the dog. If you live in an area that is extremely warm, you may want to shave your dog’s coat for the sultry summer months to prevent overheating. Furthermore, if you live in a cool environment, you may want to avoid skimpy cuts for the winter months to ensure your dog is properly protected from the winter cold.

Grooming is key to limiting the amount of hair and dander shed by your dog. If you or someone in your family experiences allergies directly related to dog hair or dander, consider your grooming options to lessen these symptoms. You can completely shave or strip your dog’s coat to avoid excess dog hair or dander present in your living environment.

Why? Grooming Your Dog

Simply ensuring your dog is properly groomed on a regular basis will greatly limit the amount of hair and dander he produces. Make it a habit to brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis using the appropriate tools. Brushing will loosen hair and dander so that it can be deposited outdoors instead of in your home. Ask your groomer or veterinarian to suggest a specific type of brush, comb, or tool you can use to achieve the best results for your breed of dog.


If you have no experience in grooming dogs, consider taking a lesson either provided by a breed-related organization or your current groomer. You may still need to take your dog to the groomer for the professional treatment, but knowing the correct techniques will enable you to best care for your dog’s style between trips to the groomers.


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