finnish spitz

Finnish Spitz: (Coat, Color, Features, Size & Care)

The Finnish Spitz was once used by Lapp hunters to track elk and polar bears but is now popular throughout Scandinavia for hunting grouse and other game birds.

Coat: Short and close on head and front of legs, longer on body and back of legs; scmi-crcct and stiff on neck and back.


finnish spitz


Color: Reddish-brown or red-gold on the hack, preferably bright. 


finnish spitz


Features: Medium-size head and eyes; cars small and cocked, and sharply pointed; body almost square in outline; tail plumed, and curves vigorously from the root.


fiinnish spitz

Size: Height at withers: dogs 17 20 in, bitches IS 18 in. Weight: 25 35 lb.

Care: Requires plenty of exercise and daily brushing.

Character: The Finnish Spitz is appreciated as a faithful companion and home-loving pet, which is good with children.

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