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Have you considered keeping a few cheap pet fish or putting together a designer fish tank? Here is some information that may help you make your decision!



Saving money by purchasing cheap fish tanks?


Several manufacturers and retailers offer inexpensive (that’s cheap to the rest of us) fish aquariums made of acrylic. These Aquariums can be purchased for as little as $25 at retail outlets such as PetSmart.


While these fish tanks are cheap they do not lack features. After all, you do want your fish to stay alive longer than a couple of days don’t you? Long story about elementary school carnival and goldfish comes to mind, but we’ll spare you the details. Who hasn’t had a fishbowl and a couple of goldfish?



You should expect tanks in this price range to include a cheap air pump, airline tubing, and usually even a light. However, with fish at a price this cheap you shouldn’t expect much more. You’ll still need to buy the gravel, plants, and aquatic ornaments.


Oh and don’t forget the fish! Before purchasing a cheap tank make sure the type of fish you want to own will survive in this environment. It’s not a cheap tank if your expensive fish die!


Upgrade to a large aquarium?


While that 2.5 gallons $25 tank may seem like a bargain at first, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can get in the $50 range. A large fish tank allows you to have more fish and get more enjoyment out of the experience. Plus they just look better in your room! We are not talking about a designer fish tank or a custom tank that creates its own wall, just tanks that are more aesthetically pleasing.


There is a huge difference between a 2.5-gallon tank and a 6.0-gallon tank visually. Plus the larger tanks usually include a built-in filtration system. Again you should expect these tanks to be made of acrylic not more expensive glass.



Acrylic vs Glass Aquariums


Acrylic Fish aquariums are usually a little more expensive than glass (except in the smaller tanks where the cost of materials is negligible). Acrylic fish tanks are constructed using solvent welds, which means they virtually never leak. Solvent welds are extremely powerful and do not discolor as with other sealants.


Acrylic is much stronger than glass and will not shatter (making them more practical in children’s rooms where safety is always an issue). The downside to acrylic is the potential for scratching is somewhat higher than glass. But fish tanks are for looking through, teach the kids not to poke the pencils at the fish and you should be just fine!


Designer Fish Tanks & Custom Fish Tank Designs


If you are looking to make a statement with your fish and are tired of big rectangular glass boxes then a custom-built or designer tank is in order. We’ve seen some outrageous designs – coffee tables, octagons, columns, etc. For some cool design ideas visit Equal or Cole Enterprises Custom Fish Tanks. For a look at what’s involved in creating a custom aquarium try San Diego Plastics Aquariums.


You’ll need to work with a local contractor to build this type of unit. We recommend you contact a reputable tropical fish & pet store for a recommendation or consult your local yellow pages.


A very large tank may have to be built in place in order to prevent the complete disaster that would occur in the event of breakage. Consult a local contractor with experience in plumbing and or pools? (See below for saltwater aquarium recommended reading).


Where to buy fish tanks?




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Recommended Reading


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– Lights, pumps, and heaters
– Decorations – gravel and aquatic ornaments
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