Galapagos Tortoise Guide & Take Care Your Pet, Food, Housing


Galapagos Tortoise Pet

Galapagos tortoise is also commonly known as the giant tortoise. Galapagos is known as the world’s largest tortoise. It is also the world’s heaviest tortoise well over 900 pounds with a shell length of 54 inches. A fully grown adult can weigh up to 300 kg and measure up to 4 ft. They are long-lived and can live for 100 to 150 years in the wild




Galapagos Tortoise housing:-

  • Galapagos tortoise requires huge grazing grounds with lots of space
  • They need shelter from the sun, wind, and rain
  • It is impossible to keep your Galapagos pet in an indoor enclosure because of their size and habits



Galapagos Tortoise food:-

  • These tortoises are herbivores and food contains cactus, grasses, leaves, vines, and fruit
  • They require a large quantity of food and are referred to as eating machines
  • Galapagos can store food and water for a very long time
  • They can go without food and water for at least a year
  • Their tortoises break down their body fat to produce water

Galapagos tortoise is declared as an endangered species of tortoise and is listed in the internationally protected species. It may be illegal to have a Galapagos if you are not living in the areas of their natural habitat. It is certainly illegal to export them out of their natural habitat. You may also require having a lot of documents and license to have a tortoise pet. In case you have already decided to have a  tortoise as your pet it is wise to buy a tortoise bred in captivity

Conservation of Galapagos tortoise:-

Galapagos is near extinction and only a few species survive. Pirates, sealers, and merchants killed thousands of these tortoises for their skin, shell, and oil. The remaining tortoises are protected under law and these can now be seen only in the zoos. Cats, rats, and doge ravage the tortoise nests and feed on the young and the eggs. Wild goats and pigs pose a danger to the tortoise as they feed on the vegetation cover and the nests become accessed easily.


You may want to have a Galapagos pet.tortoise is the world’s largest and heaviest tortoise. Before you want to have this pet tortoise, you should think about the tortoise housing and tortoise food. You may want to rethink to have a Galapagos pet as it is an endangered species and efforts are made for the Conservation of tortoise


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