Best Glofish Tanks Reviews: 5, 10, 15, 20 Gallon Aquarium/Tanks

Product TypeProduct NameCheck Price
20 gal glofish tankTetra Glofish Tank 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon
10 gl led aquarium kitAqueon NeoGlow 10 Gallon LED Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon
fluval_flex_57Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Glass Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon
marineland_5_gallonMarineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium KitCheck Price on Amazon

Tetra Glofish Tank 20 gallon

Tank Dimensions – 2″long 12.4″ wide 16.7″ height
Filter – provided with Tetra Whisper 20 filtration system
Heater – for a better heating experience Tetra Mini UL heater is given
Lighting – for lighting Glofish 13″ LED light stick is provided
Ornament – 2 plant multipacks are given and 1 yellow Anemone is inscribed in it

Tetra Glofish Tank 20 gallon

Aqueon NeoGlow 10 Gallon LED Aquarium

Tank Dimensions – 20-1/4″ L x 10-1/2″ W x 12-9/16″ H
Filtration – Quiet Flow 10 LED Pro power filter with Medium cartridge
Heater – 50W preset heater and thermometer
Lighting – blue LED lighting
Tank – 10 Gallon Glass Fish Tank with hood
Other components – dark background, gravel, tropical flake, conditioner, fish net, setup guide.

Aqueon NeoGlow 10 Gallon LED Aquarium

Fluval Flex 57 15 Gallon Aquarium

Tank Dimension – 16″ Wide 15″ Deep and15″ Height
Lighting – for better lighting effect, LED light and an automatic lighting cycle is provided
Filtration – for filtration purposes, a back filtration system is given along with a pump
Filter media – in the filter media, a handled foam filter block is provided

Fluval Flex 57 15 Gallon Aquarium

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium

Tank Dimensions – 11.8″ Long, 11.8″ Wide and 16.8″ Height for 5 Gallon Fish Tank.
Filtration – for filtration purposes a back filtration system is given
Lighting – for proper lighting, LED lights are provided which have features of daylight, moonlight and off lights too.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium

Tetra Glofish Tank 20 gallon Glass Aquarium Kit

This highly designed Tetra Glofish Tank 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit is one of the specially designed aquarium kit for the Tetra Glofish. This is a beautifully designed 20 Gallon Fish Tank. As we know that 20 gallons is the mostly recommended tank size for the Tetra Glofishes, as it is large enough to keep many types of fishes healthy and safe in this huge aquarium.


There are many great features and specifications provided by this aquarium kit. It is provided with blue LED lights which completely transforms the look of your aquarium. Under these lights, the special ornaments provided in the kit reflects greatly and in a better way. With the help of LED lights, it becomes easier to reflect the lights more profoundly and can also help in reflecting the fluorescent light from Glofish.

The tank is provided with a high quality power filter, a good heater, an advanced thermometer which helps in keeping the Glofishes healthy and safe. This aquarium kit comes with great features like high quality aquarium supplies including fish net and other essential accessories. You don’t need to buy any other aquarium supplies as it is provided with almost all the essential supplies required for keeping the aquarium clean and safe.

Aqueon NeoGlow 10 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit

The new Aqueon NeonGlow 10 gallon LED aquarium kit is designed for making your aquarium look beautiful and your fishes more glowing and attractive. This kit comes as a complete accessories kit with all the necessary equipments and supplies needed to make your aquarium look beautiful. This kit is considered one of the best choices if a person is a beginner and is willing to start his first glofish aquarium.

The main tank of this aquarium in 10 gallons fully made up of glass material. For a brighter and better appearance of the tank, it is filled and completely sealed with orange colored epoxy resins. With this durable tank we can enjoy the look of a beautiful glofish aquarium for a long period of time with no further raised issues.

The tank consists of a nicely built black plastic hood which has some hole provided in it which are used for positioning a filter which is hanged on back and is also given a heater in the back which is used to feed your fishes in front hole. This makes the use of aquarium more convenient and easy.

This aquarium has three LED light rails for a better view to the viewers. This aquarium is provided with a Quiet flow 10 LED Pro filter which is very quiet and you don’t have to worry about the noises produced which uses a filter cartridge and its internal system to purify the water through multi steps to keep your fish healthy and fit. This filter has an LED indicator at it’s top side which is able to monitor the original water levels to know when the filter cartridge is clogged and need to be changed.

Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit


A very beautifully made new Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Glass Aquarium kit is one of the most popular aquarium kit for keeping glofishes. The front glass panel of the aquarium is vertically curved which makes all the accessories and decorations along with the fishes look a little bigger in size which makes it more enjoyable to look.

One of the most key feature provided by this aquarium kit is its LED light feature, which offers numerous color options for the tank. In this LED system, there are many color sets present by the use of which we can easily change the appearance of the aquarium according to our choice with just a single click on the remote control.

The glofishes look extremely beautiful under different lighting colors provided by this LED lighting system. Provided in the tank, you can freely any three colors channel to build most beautiful colors according to your choice. One of the key feature of the kit is the automatic light control feature which allows us for freehand control.

A back panel filtration system is features in this extremely advanced aquarium kit in which the pump is used to circulate the water and make the water easily filtered by the filter media which is present in the middle compartment of the aquarium. In order to keep your glofishes healthy and fit, this aquarium system offers us the availability of many filter media in one filtration system.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit

The most popularly used Marineland 5 gallon portrait aquarium kit is highly known for its beautiful appearance and trustworthy fish supplies. This aquarium is not specially designed for glofishes or any other kind of fishes but this aquarium can be used for keeping glofishes perfectly healthy.

A curved front glass is introduced in the tank of this aquarium kit, which provides us with a beautiful view with no obstacles in between which helps in allowing us to enjoy the fishes from any angle in the front.

Due to the curved glass of the tank, everything inside the tank including the fishes, plant species and other ornaments starts to look distorted mad bigger in shape which eventually gives us a more wider and clear view from frontside. This enhances the shimmer of the lights produced by the glofishes.

The glass canopy provided by the aquarium kit also helps in protecting the light above from the steam from the tank which eventually result in expanding the lifetime of the glofishes inside it.

Two distinct lightning modes are provided with daylight and moonlight with the help of the LED light rail hang-on the back panel. As both lights are important i.e. moonlight for Glofish to glow whenever you want and daylight for normal activities of the fish during the daytime.

The system of panel filtration is highly important for keeping the water clear and clean for a long time with a proper maintenance. The system also includes a water pump and filter media where the pump helps in circulating the water in the tank and filter media helps in filtering the water. A huge amount of different types of filter media in the back panel can be put in order to build an efficient multi-stage filtration for your Glofish.

The kit is almost filled with all the necessary things for setting up the tank. Without even needing an extra backdrop for the kit. The background black color of the filtration system helps in highlighting the fluorescent light from Glofish. The only thing you need to do is buy a small aquarium heater in order to balance the temperature requirements.

What are Glofish Tanks?


We all know that an aquarium is a beautifully designed device that helps us in acting as an artificial habitat for water-dwelling animals. Although most people prefer filling their aquarium with tropical fish, aquaria can also be used to house amphibians or large marine mammals. To make the ambiance more natural and that alike to the Marine places, the aquarium is added with plant species too.

Basically, an aquarium is a container made up of materials like glass or plastic in which we can pet house fishes and other aquatic life forms which includes plants, snails, shrimp, clams, etc. These aquariums can be large and public or teeny-tiny bowls and private.

They may be a freshwater, brackish or fully marine aquarium. The aquarium hobby is a very popular one. Glofishes as obvious by the name are the dishes that glow. Today people are more and more attracted towards buying these glofishes and keeping them in the aquariums of their houses.

Glofishes are basically zebra fish or tetras, schooling fish that are generally nonviolent in the aquarium and safe to have with other fish of similar size. To bring out the beauty of the glofishes in a unique and distinct way, new and specifically designed aquarium kits are made and are available in market in huge amounts.

These aquariums are equipped with some special components unlike the normal aquariums so as to show the real beauty and glow of the Glofishes. These special glofish aquariums are provided with a special LED light system.

The reason behind implementing this system in the aquariums is that the glofishes need high-energy blue light in order to emit fluorescent light with a little lesser energy. The decorations which are used in a glofish tank are made with those materials which can reflect the light in a better way whenever it falls on them.

Basic Guide for Glofish Tank


Here are some important tips which are most required to be kept in mind while making a proper glofish tank at your home :

While we think of setting up a Glofish Aquarium, it’s important to understand that the Glofish Tank Setup is no different than setting up a normal tropical Freshwater Aquarium. First of all, all you need to do is select which type of fishes you would want to put in your aquarium. As we ought to make a glofish aquarium, it’s more than obvious that we will be putting the glofishes in it.

It makes easy to decide the type of aquarium and it’s size if you first decide the type and number of fishes you would want to keep in your tank. After deciding the size of the fish tank, you will need to decide where to put the aquarium at. You’ll have to choose a place to put the aquarium at. There are some important aquarium supplies which are must to be bought at while setting up an aquarium.

Required Fish Tank Equipment

The equipment like a proper Fish Tank Stand, a good quality filtration system, a properly built Aquarium lid or hood, an already provided Aquarium LED light and timer, a high quality aquarium heater with a thermometer, a good substrate, various decorative things and plant species, high quality Fish Tank Filters etc.

We would need important supplies to maintain the dishwater tank and keep it clean and safe. For eg. a water test kit to monitor water parameters, like ammonia, nitrites, and pH, nutritionally balanced fishfood to feed your fish, a fish net to transfer fishes in and out of the tank.

A bucket in which to drain the dirty water during water changes, and from which to drain clean water back into the tank, a glass scraper or a magnet cleaner, an aquarium gravel cleaner to do water changing, an aquarium air pump to aerate your fish tank and operate action decorations or some types of filters such as undergravel filter, sponge filter, corner filter etc.

Glofish Tank Setup


After all of this is done, all you need to do is follow some basic steps to setup the tank like get the stand positioned. After choosing the proper place for positioning the stand, arrange your tank on the stand properly. After this, fill the gravel material in the tank. After that, rinse the decorations and plants to put them in the aquarium.

Now, fill the tank up and add water conditioner to it. Now, install the water equipments and the overall setup. These all processes are almost similar to setting up the normal freshwater tanks. Now here are some points which are must to keep in mind while preparing to setup a glofish aquarium.

Proper LED lights system – We know that the glofishes emit low energy fluorescent lights. Keeping in mind this fact, we need to high energy lightings for the glofishes to emit their low energy fluorescence lights. And as we know that the blue light possess highest energy in the visible color spectrum.

There are some specifically built LED lights available in the market which are specially designed for the glofish aquariums.
Gravel and further decorations for the tank – There are specially designed gravels available in the market for the glofish tanks specifically.

The glofish aquarium gravel is considered to be the best choice for any glofish tank. You can also put some additional glowing ornaments in order to make the tank more attractive. When we ought to choose the ornaments for the decorations of the aquarium, we need to make sure that the ornaments need to glow by themselves which will eventually highlight and support the light from the glofish.

Today, there are many colourful, attractive, enhancing and decorative accessories available which can be bought easily and be mixed to any color combination as per the choice of the customer.

Proper background selection – In order to strengthen the fluorescent light emitting from the glofishes, a dark aquarium background is needed, as if glofish is kept in a dark black background tank, it will make them look great even in daytime.

If the aquarium is not so designed to have a black back-panel filtration system or backdrop, the glow of the fishes won’t be reflected properly. As with the help of the black background it will appear as if there are little lights floating in the water.

After all the necessary arrangements made, we can now look forward for buying glofishes according to our choices. We can easily pick for any color fishes available in the market. Glofishes come in variety of different colors like pink, yellow, red, green, blue etc. and in various varieties too which makes it easier to choose for different fishes.

A person needs to carefully choose the perfect fishes for his aquarium and always make sure that the fish you buy is completely healthy. Providing new and different atmosphere to the fishes from time to time prevents them from stress and eventually death. That is why we should always keep acclimating the fishes with the newly bought ones.

Keeping in mind all the specifications and requirements that a glofish tank should have, here is a list of one of the best glofish tanks which are available in the market offline as well as online too.

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