Greyhound Dog Breed History, Characteristics & Basic Facts


The Greyhound Dog is a strong and healthy breed. The only official genetic problem today, for which we have a test, is the Greyhound Neuropathy. It is a characteristic of the show bloodlines, but the gene was isolated two years ago and the test is available in many veterinary clinics in Europe.

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Some show bloodlines can be affected by bloat, like most of the big breeds with a long body. You can try to avoid this by letting your Greyhound rest after he eats, and also by limiting the food amounts (two meals per day is always better than one meal a day).

You also have to be aware of the characteristics of the breed (large amounts of muscles and large heart) when you bring your Greyhound dog at home and discuss the protocol with your vet.

History of Greyhound Dogs

In order to understand the history of The Greyhound, we have to go so many years back that we could almost say that the history of the breed begins with the history of our own civilization. The exquisite silhouette, floating in the air while running, hasn’t changed very much during the last seven thousand years.

The earliest references to the breed are back to the primitive ages, and then he was so splendidly portrayed by the Assyrian artists, in their paintings and sculptures.

The Greyhound was also depicted by the Egyptians, a long time before even the Pyramids were built.


Characteristics of Greyhound Dogs

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As far as it goes with exercise, walks, with free runs and playing, is enough to make your Greyhound dog happy, he will spend the rest of the time sleeping on the sofa, or watching TV. You can also ride a bike and take your Greyhound dog with you, he will appreciate that! It is important to provide suitable exercise for a puppy, according to his age. Never ask to much exercise of him, and be patient until he finishes his growth.

A Greyhound is good-natured and calm, he has great intelligence, which doesn’t let your brain become lazy! He loves his owner and his family more than everything and, last but not least, he is able to read into your soul even the most exclusive emotions.

The Greyhound loves children (especially young children, who have many interesting toys and dolls) and knows how to play in the house with them without hurting them. He also loves his comfort, so, if you don’t feel ready to share your sofa with your Greyhound, think of installing a comfortable bed for him as soon as he gets into your home.

He can also accept cats as members of his family, and live in harmony with other dogs. A Greyhound needs a very good reason to bark and it never lasts very long.

You can teach everything to your puppy if you make it interesting for him and if you show him you are very pleased with his accomplishments.

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The cruelest and awful punishment for a Greyhound is to be ignored! Never shout at him or hit him, it will ruin your relationship forever and it never solves the problem.

Always remember that you have to be more intelligent than your Greyhound and you have to try to understand the second degree of each situation, as the Greyhound is not an ordinary dog.




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