Best 5 Guard Dogs To Protect Your Home & Family


Welcome to our post where we examine and review the different breeds of dogs that make the best guard dogs for your families or properties. Basically most breed of dogs regardless of whether they are guard dogs or just a family pet dogs have a natural inbuilt instinct to protect their owners and properties. However, some breeds have additional abilities that make them more outstanding as guard dogs than others.

If you live alone or live with your family in a secluded area, then getting a more specialized breed of dogs is probably the best way to go. This specialized breed of guard dogs will be trained to protect, you, your family and properties faithfully. Although there may be many differences in opinions and preferences from dog experts and owners alike, the best guard dogs are the ones that can perform their duties according to the owners needs and requirements.

The best guard dogs does not necessarily be used just for guarding purposes but they can be a good companion to you and your families as well. They are faithful and will go all out to protect their owners if they sense danger is near. Most guard dogs are generally quite large in size so before you chose a guard dog,you will need to consider size of space that you have available. If you chose a big guard dog for your apartment it may not be suitable as the dog will need more space to move around and the apartment may be too small for him. Bigger guard dogs is better to handle physical attacks or dangers and the sight of it may be enough to scare off potential intruders. Let’s now examine the most popular and highly recommended guard dogs that you can consider owning.

Best Guard Dogs – German Shepherds


Top of most dog owners list is The German Shepherd which they consider to be the best guard dogs. This breed of dog was originally used by their owners for herding sheep, hence the name. However in modern time, this breed of do has been consistently used as family guard dogs and employed as police and military dogs. The German Shepherds is known for their exceptionally high intelligence,bravery and loyalty to it’s owners. It also has a high sense of obedience,willingness to learn and an eagerness to perform. The trademark of this breed of dogs is it’s loud barks which can be pretty intimidating to a potential intruder. However with all it’s guarding and fierce capabilities, it is known to be very tender and loving to it’s owners and fun to be with around children. Its mature demeanor makes it the perfect dog for children and families.



When someone mention Doberman, it usually gives the listener a chill down their spine as Dobermans are known to be fierce and extremely physical. Doberman usually have a very intimidating demeanor and the very sight of this breed of dogs will make you think twice about crossing it’s path. Besides being one of the best guard dogs, they are also used as attack dogs by the police and military. The Doberman is strong physically,very intelligent and highly loyal to their owners. However it is not true that Dobermans are more aggressive than other breeds as this aggression is brought about more by irresponsible training by their owners than anything else. Adult Dobermans weighing in at about 40-50 kilograms makes it one of the best guard dogs for your families.

The Great Dane


One of the best guard dogs and family pet is The Great Dane. The Great Dane got it’s name not by accident but virtually by it’s physical size. It’s massive physical frame makes it intimidating to potential intruders and attackers. But underneath this large frame, lies a very gentle and loving family dog that never gets tired of protecting their owners. They are extremely comfortable with children and as such makes them wonderful to be kept as a family pet dog and guard dog. their loud bark strong will often be enough to make any potential intruder or attacker run away and never look back. Definitely must be on top of your list if you are seeking for the best guard dogs.



Strong and very muscular,the Rottweiler is also a remains a favorite among owners who is looking for the best guard dogs. Apart from being highly intelligent, they are also fast learners. To use them as guard dogs, Rottweiler needs more corrective training than others to become effective it their roles as the best guard dogs as they tend to be unnecessarily aggressive if not properly trained. As a family pet, Rottweilers are very loyal and extremely affectionate and they love to spend plenty of time with their owners. If you plan on taking on the Rottweiler as a guard dog, then you need to have it properly trained by an expert to control their aggressiveness and take on the role as the best guard dogs.

American Bulldog


American Bulldogs are one of the most favorite guard dogs for dog owners. It is medium in size with a rather stout and stocky body. It’s muscular appearance makes it quirky for some people but apart from these,they make excellent and loyal guard dogs. They are know to have boundless strength and stamina and are known for their great courage and persistence. Apart from being one of the best guard dogs,they also have a playful and curious side to them if nurtured and trained properly.

With professional dog training,American Bulldogs will develop proper socialization senses,is obedient and well behaved. If you are seriously considering an American Bulldog as a guard dog,use professional guard dog schools to maximize their potential and rid them of some of their natural in born stubbornness and wilfulness. Once trained,these dogs will make endearing and lovely guarding companions for their owners and will never cease to amaze you with their creative and interesting personalities.


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  1. Thank you for allowing me to write some feedback. My wife finally is allowing me to get my kind of dog which is a larger than a Miniature Schnauzer which we had for 20 years that I can play with and not hurt them from my ruff housing.
    What I have found is that is I am having a hard time finding an American Bulldog like the one listed Can you please assist me by telling who is breeding this beautiful AB. I really want something that is representative of the AB and also that is healthy and protective of my family.

    Thank you for your ultimate assistance.

    Thank you
    Eliott W. Mosias

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