Best Information About Guppy And Its Responsibility


Teaching the Kids Guppy Responsibility


Quite often we start off our introduction of fish to children by buying them a single goldfish with a little goldfish bowl. While in their younger years this is most entertaining to them, many of them soon grow tired of this simple version of what the fish world is all about.



Many children find guppies most intriguing because of their color and the many different versions that they come in. What often is not taught to them is that with a bigger fish tank and moving into the guppy world means more responsibility.


The one great aspect about stepping them up from the goldfish level to the guppy level is that they don’t face the same disappointments that they often do with the single goldfish that often doesn’t have a long life and this is devastating to the young one.


What you want to do is include your youngster right from the initial planning of the new aquarium adventure. Together a checklist should be written out of all the things that are going to be needed to start this new experience.


One of the things that you want to avoid is focusing on buying a small tank comparing it to the size of the fishbowl that you originally may have had. The kids are going to want to have several guppies and so you want to make sure that the guppy tank is going to be large enough to accommodate the number of fish that you are going to be buying.



If this is your first venture into setting up and buying an aquarium you’re going to find that you have lots of choices. You will find that you may be able to choose glass or acrylic when it comes to the aquarium itself and they each have their pros and cons.


Many parents don’t like the thought of having a glass aquarium around the children and for this reason, they prefer the acrylic. There is no risk of having the tank chip or break which is a big bonus and which also depends on the age of the children as well. The one downside of going with the acrylic tanks is that they are more expensive, however, they are long-lasting when taken care of properly.


The other factor that you’re going to have to keep in mind is that as soon as the kids visit the aquarium shop they are going to be most intrigued with all of the additions that can be put in the tank when it comes to the decor.


Normally children will go for bright and colorful decorations but remember that you want the fish to be living as close to their natural environment as possible, and these bright colors may not be the way to go.


This is where education can come into play because as you are going about your adventure of the first aquarium for your youngster you can also be teaching them about the natural habitat of the fish and this is a great learning possibility.



You are also going to have to keep the enthusiasm down as to the number of fish that are being purchased. While guppies are fairly inexpensive to buy they are so astonishing with their many different colors and different tails that the children have trouble making the decision of which ones they want to own.


The next battle you are going to be facing is patience as you will need to set up the tank properly and have it optimized and stabilized before the fish are added to it. This is probably going to mean one or two trips to your aquarium shop with one for the purchasing of everything that you need and then getting it set up, and then going back to buy your stock.


The most important thing is making this an exciting adventure that you can enjoy with your children, but also remember that there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with the guppy aquarium tank that has to be met, and your children must also take on some of this responsibility.


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