Best 5 Kid friendly dogs Breed For Your Children | Guide


If you are planning to get a kid friendly dogs that will spend time around children you’ll want to choose one of the more gentle breeds that are known to interact well with families. Please remember that even though some breeds of dogs are better with children each dog is an individual.


You should supervise your new kid friendly dogs around children until you are comfortable with their personality. Children may sometimes get a little rough with dogs and you want one that will tolerate a tug on their ear or tail once in a while. You will also want to make sure the dog doesn’t play too rough with youngsters.

Best 5 Kid friendly dogs List-:

The following is a list of 5 of the top kid friendly dogs breed that is known to do well with children. There are many other breeds that are good with kids so if you aren’t interested in any below just do a little research to find yourself a great match for your family.

Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers are some of the friendliest and most intelligent dogs around. They are fairly large and can grow to 55 or more pounds but are known for their kind personalities. They make great indoor or outdoor dogs and offer your family plenty of friendship, attention, and fun. They can also be very protective of the younger members of your family alerting you to any danger.

Labrador Retrievers

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Labradors are another favorite dog breed for families. They are extremely loyal and have relaxed personalities. Labs are very smart and are known to get attached to small children immediately. They are also a fairly large breed often reaching 60 pounds or more. There are yellow, chocolate, and black labs and each is equally family-friendly.


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Beagles have an even-tempered personality and are gentle dogs in general. They are extremely affectionate and will love the company of you and your family. They are fun dogs and will often play with kids for hours on end. Beagles are known for paying special attention to their owners when they sense something is wrong. They are small dogs that can be easily trained and rarely bite making them a great fit for families. They will also give a loud howl when confronted with strangers or danger so they make for great watchdogs.

Irish Setter

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Irish Setters are playful dogs that seem to just love being alive. They enjoy the activity and thrive in wide-open spaces. Because of this, they aren’t suitable as inside only dogs or in situations where they won’t get much time for activities. Irish Setters enjoy the company both from humans and other dogs and will actively look for other dogs to play with. They are fairly large dogs and usually grow to between 60 and 70 pounds. With their long, silky hair they do need to be brushed fairly often to keep their coats maintained.



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Poodles are active dogs that range in size from small to medium. Because of their activeness, they do best in families that can give them occasional walks or time out to play. Poodles are energetic and intelligent so make sure that someone in your family can give them the attention they need to thrive. A bored poodle will sometimes keep themselves entertained with some form of mischief. Because of their love of attention, they are eager to please making them easy to train.

Regardless of which breed(Kid friendly dogs) you eventually choose for your family, you can look forward to years of friendship and fun with your dog. If you give them attention and love they will respond in kind. Enjoy your new pet and they will enjoy being with you.


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