Lowchen Dog Breed (Physical Features, Health, History & Grooming)


Lowchen Dog Breed Temperament

Lively, affectionate, cheerful, sociable, and intelligent are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the Lowchen Dog Breed, which has also become known as the Lion Dog.



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This is a gentle and very sensitive breed, but at the same time is fearless and bold. The breeds eagerness, ability and willingness to learn, and intelligence make training easier, but often these dogs can be a little stubborn, strong-willed, and arrogant, which can have the opposite effect. The Lowchen Dog Breed is a playful dog, and gets along well with other dogs, other pets, and children.


Lowchen Dog Breed Physical Features

Its dark, round eyes give this dog an intelligent expression, and its short body is well proportioned and covered in long hair. The coat colors can vary between black, lemon, white, and speckled. The height of the Lowchen Dog Breed is around 10-13 inches and the weight around 9-18 pounds. The dog has a small, black nose, and its eager looking face is framed with long pendant ears.


Is he right for you?

The Lowchen Dog Breed can make a great companion dog for families as well as for single people, couples, and older people. These dogs are very loving and their ability to get along with other animals and kids makes them ideal family pets. They will far well in apartment as well as houses, but you should bear in mind that they can be noisy and bark quite a lot.


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Lowchen Dog Health Problems

Some lines of this breed of dog can be prone to a condition that affects many small dog breeds known as luxating patella, but by and large, the Lowchen Dog is a healthy breed with no major health problems associated with it.


Lowchen Grooming Requirements

The front legs and hindquarters of the Lowchen are generally clipped, and this is what gives the breed the distinctive appearance that earns it the nickname of the Lion Dog. The coat of the Lowchen needs to regularly brush and combed in order to stop the coat from tangling and matting. You should also brush out dead hair regularly. However, this breed is a low shedder.


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Lowchen History

This European breed actually originated in France and has been popular in many European countries for many centuries. During the 1900s the popularity of the breed faltered, and in 1960 they were classified as the rarest breed by the Guinness Book of World Records, a title that is now, however, no longer held by this breed.



In 2006 the Lowchen ranked 132nd out of 155 on the AKC popularity list, and this was a rise from its 2005 position of 139th.


Dog group

The Lowchen comes under the AKC Non-sporting Group.


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