Mexican Hairless Dog Breed Temperament, Health & Basic Facts

Mexican Hairless Dog Temperament

Loving, loyal, and intelligent, the Toy Mexican Hairless, also known as the Xoloitzcuintle, is a dedicated and protective animal and is always devoted to its family, binding in particular with the person that plays a major role in its feeding, training, exercise, etc.

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A quick learner, this is a breed that gets along well with other children but maybe a way of strangers because of its instinct to protect its family. The Toy Mexican Hairless can be headstrong and wilful so owners do need to exercise some degree of dominance.

Mexican Hairless Dog Physical features

As the name suggests, the Toy Mexican Hairless is, of course, a hairless variety of dog, and may or may not have short tufts of hair on the tail and the head. The skin of the Toy Mexican Hairless is smooth and silky to the touch. The coloring of this breed can vary and includes colors such as gray, black, slate, bronze, fawn, red, and brindle. Dark, almond-shaped eyes give this dog a sweet expression, and it has a black nose, and large, erect ears. The height of the Toy Mexican Hairless is 9-14 inches and the weight 5-15 pounds.

Is he right for you?

The Toy Mexican Hairless is a great choice of allergy sufferers because of its hairless body, which will not shed hair or dander. This is also a great companion and family dog, always loyal to the end, and as loving as they come, despite a tendency to be a little clingy which has earned it the nickname of the Velcro Dog! This dog dotes on its family, and should not be considered by those with little time for a pet or who intend to leave the dog for long periods.

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Mexican Hairless Dog Health Problems

The Toy Mexican Hairless is a healthy breed, and there are no specific health conditions linked to this breed. However, its hairless body means that you should keep it out of extreme temperatures, which could otherwise cause problems.

Mexican Hairless Dog Grooming requirements

The grooming requirements for the Toy Mexican Hairless are low because this dog has no hair to worry about. You can bathe and lotion the skin of the dog once or twice monthly, and apply sunscreen as required. Do not go overboard on any of these processes or you may strip the dog’s skin of natural essential oils.

Mexican Hairless Dog History

With a history that spans over three thousand years, this is a breed that is one of the oldest and rarest in the world. Originally they are thought to have been brought to Mexico from Asia, and here they were popular as pets, delighting owners with their ability to provide body heat and act as some type of hot water bottle.

The warmth that emanated from the bodies of these little dogs was also used as a form of pain relief and is still known to help deal with pain relief today. In 1959, this breed was dropped by the AKC due to waning popularity and registrations. However, in 2005 it was reinstated as the popularity of the breed has enjoyed growth.


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