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Moorish Idol Fish

Moorish idol Fish (Zanclus cornutus) is one of the fish species living near the coral that is the most recognizable due to superficial differences and wide distribution. It is distributed from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific until the U.S. west coast as well as further south to Peru. It may also enter the Mediterranean via the Red Sea.

moorish- idol- fish

Moorish Idol Fish Information

The maximum length from head to tail of Moorish idol does not exceed 22 cm but a wide-body and extremely long dorsal fin make it look bigger. Its color and dorsal fin breaks its appearance and makes it difficult for predators to distinguish the head and the tail. Moreover, its eyes wide in the black stripe on the top of the head.

When keeping Moorish idol fish with other fish, it is advised to note.

The Moorish idol is a slender fish and should be kept with gentle species. According to my assessment above about the nature of Moorish idol, it is clear that I do not agree with this advice. But it is advised to avoid any species tending to preen the dorsal bully Moorish idol.

However, Moorish idol is quite good at defending themselves. Its jagged teeth are an effective tool to tear fins. Moorish fish do not seem interested in peaceful fish such as goby, Chromis, paint fish are painted, hawkfish and vice versa.


Moorish Idol Fish Food

In the wild, its menu includes sponges, algae sea targets, crustaceans, worms, clams, and other mollusks. It will also eat the tentacles of the corals and anemones, dead fish and fruit falling on the sea.

An appropriate diet for Moorish idol in captivity should include a lot of things that it can eat. Usually, it can eat anything but each individual has a unique taste. When saying “a lot”, I mean that the fish should be fed several times a day. Frequent feedings will decrease if the fish is kept in a large pond with lots of algae and species so that it can eat.


Tips to take care of Moorish idol

Avoid buying individuals with the shrunken stomach, oral lesions because it is a sign of diseased fish

Fish is not shy and panic, it must swim naturally and agilely

New, shy and small fish will be pale.

Ingrown individuals, the black striped areas must be dark, it is not good to be pale.

Fish should be fed adequately and not be competed for foods by other fish in the same pond.


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