Multi Pet Households – How To Choose Best Breed Dog


When it comes to adopting multi Pet dog, you should first consider the other animals that share your household. Whether you own one other animal or a whole menagerie of creatures that call your residence home, you will want to consider how adding an extra pet will affect your current pets.

Things You Didn’t Know About Multi Pet


Before you make the decision to bring another animal into your home, carefully evaluate your current pet’s physical and emotional status. If you currently have a sickly pet, you will want to avoid getting another pet, since your current animal probably requires a great deal of attention for his current medical condition. Also, if your current pet experiences any aggression towards dogs or people, you may want to seriously rethink your decision to add to your current household to avoid any potential problems down the line.




Before you adopt a dog and bring him into a household that already has multi pet animals living there, consider borrowing a dog from a family member, friend, or neighbor. Allow the new dog to venture into your home for a period of time, perhaps a weekend of an entire week, to see how your existing animal will handle the company.


Be sure to keep a careful watch on all animals in the situation and be prepared to intervene in case any tempers begin to flare. If your current pet or pets handle this situation without a problem, then you can begin your search for a dog to adopt. However, if your pet does not do well with the four-legged intruders into his space, you may need to abandon your plan to add another animal to your household.




Most animals will enjoy the company of an extra dog in the household. Many dogs are sociable creatures that require another animal so as to not become bored while you are away from your home. Research the breed of your current animals and that of a potential adopted animal to see if these breeds will interact well. Some breeds are solitary animals that will react negatively towards the introduction of another dog—or human—into his home environment. For these one dog only breeds, you may be able to experiment with how the dog handles being around other animals.


How To Choose Multi Pet Dog


When you bring a new dog into your household that is already occupied by other multi pets, you will need to limit the space accessed by this new dog. Only allow animals to interact while you are present so that you can stop any potential problems before they occur. If you notice the dog is showcasing threatening behavior or vocalizing his displeasure with the situation or the other multi Pet animal, you should immediately remove all animals from the situation.


Furthermore, there may be competition when it comes to your attention and affection, so be sure to delegate your time equally between all animals in your household. Be sure to make up for any time spent with the new dog by spending a special time with your current animals.




Many animals have problems when it comes to dinner time. You should feed your current pet and your new dog in completely separate places in your home. You may need to keep the animals separated during dinner time since they will probably be eating different types of food that may not necessarily agree with the animal’s system.

Many multi Pet Animals showcase aggressive behavior if they feel their food source is threatened, so give each animal a suitable space before allowing them to eat together. Furthermore, you will want to make sure the food of your feline pets is out of the way of your dog. Consider putting your cat’s food in a space where only he can reach, so as to avoid any upset stomachs associated with dogs eating any food other than his own.

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