Norfolk Terrier Breed Dog History And Health Facts


The Norfolk Terrier is a very loving and affectionate animal, and has bags of courage, although he can be a little jealous at times.



This breed gets on well with children and is usually fine with other pets. Training should prove too difficult with this breed, although housebreaking can be difficult. This is an active breed and enjoys spending time with his family.


Norfolk Terrier Physical features


The smallest of the working terriers, the Norfolk is a small dog, with a sturdy body and strong legs. Its dark eyes add to its intelligent and alert expression, and the folded ears hang forward. The straight, wiry textured coat of the Norfolk Terrier comes in a number of colors, which are black and tan, grizzle, solid tan, solid wheat, and solid red. Some dogs may also have white markings. The height of the Norfolk is around 10 inches, and the weight is around 10-12 pounds.




Is he right for you?

The Norfolk Terrier is a loving and affectionate breed that gets on well with most other animals and with children and makes a good family pet. The Norfolk will be fine living in an apartment without a yard or garden, but you will need to ensure that you provide regular exercise and play in a safe and appropriate area.


Norfolk Terrier Health Problems

The Norfolk is a sturdy and healthy breed, and there are no specific health problems that have been associated with this breed.


Norfolk Grooming requirements

The waterproof coat of the Norfolk does not require excessive grooming, but you should comb and brush it on a daily basis to keep it at its best. Dry shampooing and bathing should only be carried out when necessary rather than on a regular basis.




Norfolk Terrier History

The Norfolk originates from the county of Norfolk in England. The breed was originally bundled into a combined breed with the Norwich Terrier but has recently become known as an independent breed. First bred as a rat hunting animal, the Norfolk is now more a companion dog than anything, although he still has excellent rat-catching skills.



The Norfolk Terrier ranked 115th of 155 in the AKC popularity listing in 2006, and this was a slight fall from its 2005 ranking of 112th.


Dog group

The Norfolk comes under the AKC Terrier Group.


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