Papillon Dog Breed Trainability, Temperament & Other Best Facts


The Papillon Dog is a toy dog that is also known as a Continental Toy Spaniel. This breed has a distinctive plumed tail, which is long and curls over the back. Its beautiful white coat can be infused with one of a wide range of colors, and some are even tri-colored.


The ears of this breed may be either erect or drooping. The short pointed muzzle and the bright, dark eyes give this dog a very alert and intelligent expression.


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The middle strip of this dog’s face is white, and the ears, sides, and the hair over the eyes are patches of another color depending on the coloring of the dog. The Papillon carries himself gracefully and has a fine bone structure.


Its ears are said to look like the wings of a butterfly, hence the breed’s name – Papillon is French for butterfly. The coat of this dog is flowing and silky to the touch.

Papillon Dog Characteristics and Temperament

This dog breed is very intelligent and alert and has plenty of energy. Robust and sturdy, despite its fragile and elegant appearance, the Papillon can be very affectionate and gentle, as well as lively and playful. This is a very entertaining breed that loves attention but also displays calmness and dignity.

However, these dogs can also have a jealous streak and can be quite competitive when it comes to getting their owner’s attention. The Papillon is a quick learner and is an obedient dog, making training relatively easy. This breed gets on well with older children and with most household pets but can be aggressive to other dogs.

Height & weight

In terms of height, the Papillon will normally reach around eight to eleven inches. This dog normally weighs in at around seven to ten pounds, depending on the sex of the animal.

Common health / behavioral problems

Some of the problems that can commonly affect this breed include problems with the kneecaps, eye disorders, and a condition in the skull that can be likened to ‘soft spots’ in babies.

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Papillon Dog Trainability

In most respects the Papillon dog is a relatively easy dog to train, as these dogs are eager, obedient, quick learners, and intelligent. However, in some cases, house training can be quite difficult.

Ideal living conditions

This dog breed will be okay living in an apartment providing plenty of exercises is provided by the owner. However, owners should bear in mind that this breed can get quite noisy and this could cause problems in an apartment.

Papillon Dog Exercise requirements

The Papillon is an energetic and playful breed and needs an average amount of exercise. If you have a garden or yard, these dogs can enjoy combining play and exercise outdoors in a secured area. This dog will also enjoy regular walks, particularly if you live in an apartment and the dog, therefore, gets little exercise.

Diet & nutrition

The diet of the Papillon dog should be well balanced and nutritious, and portions should be monitored to ensure that you do not overfeed the dog. Ensure that you buy high-quality dog food as this will help to ensure that your dog receives the necessary minerals and vitamins and that he stays fuller for longer. Make sure that your dog always has access to freshwater.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a healthy and fit Papillon is around twelve to fifteen years.

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Papillon Dog Grooming requirements

The Papillon has a beautiful, lustrous, silky coat, and to ensure that the coat stays in good condition it is necessary to comb or brush the coat daily. You can also occasionally bathe or dry shampoo this dog.


Originating in France, the Papillon is one of the oldest breeds of dog around.

Dog group

Gun Dog, AKC Toy


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