Pet Grooming | Things You Didn’t Know About Best Grooming


Pet grooming and proper hygiene is a very important part of pet ownership and your pet’s health. Grooming can involve various pet grooming services that include bathing them, cleaning their teeth as well as trimming their nails and trimming of mats.



Best Tips For Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming should be introduced to your pet at an early age – 5-6 months is a good age. Like people, pets too, have pet grooming supplies and tools to assist in performing these grooming tasks. Some of these tasks should be done daily, others weekly, and still others monthly. This schedule can also be dependent on the individual pet and breed.




Although every dog may not enjoy the bathing experience, they will feel better afterward – you’ll notice a new perkiness in their attitude right after their bath. Think of your own feeling if you are unable to shower due to an illness or circumstances prevent you from bathing. Once you have the luxury again, you have a better overall feeling!  Dogs are the same way.


You should consider some guidelines to follow in order to gain adequate results from our grooming tasks. One thing to consider is the point that ‘pet grooming is not just washing and brushing’. Grooming can entail (no pun intended) so much more – some of which are better left to a professional – nail clipping for example. Just like our own grooming habits takes a portion of our day – the same goes for pet grooming. Sometimes dog grooming needs a substantial time commitment on an owner’s time. If we really want them clean and neat, then we should be patient and sincere to what we are doing.


Grooming our pets creates a bonding experience between you and your pet and brings us much closer to them and can be very relaxing for both of you.


Body pet Grooming Tips

How often you give your dog a bath depends on many things. The breed, it’s a coat, and it’s life-styles. Dogs kept indoors will need more frequent bathing since their owners have to be more careful with hygiene. After a dog is bathed it takes about 6 weeks for the natural oil to return to the skin and coat so bathing too frequently is not good for your pet.




Teeth – Check your dog’s teeth weekly. If your dog allows you to, try rubbing his teeth with a wet cloth soaked in a baking soda or lemon juice solution. Dog toothpaste is also available at your local pet store. A dog’s teeth are vulnerable to tartar which causes bad breath and encourages gum shrinkage and infections.


Eyes – In various breeds, mostly toy breeds, discharge is more of a problem than with other dogs. If you have a dog that tends to acquire a buildup in the eye area,  soak a cotton ball in sterile water and clean the area carefully and gently.   If you see any redness, consult your veterinarian.


Brushing – Brushing removes dust, traces of dirt or soil, and dead hair. Dogs should be brushed more frequently in the spring and fall when they are shedding heavily. To even do the basic daily or occasional brushing task for your pet, you will need the basic pet grooming brushing or combing tools. The vast assortment available today make this task more enjoyable for both you and your pet. Different hair types and lengths may require different tools.


If you intend to expand from that task and tackle bathing and more, you will find anything and everything you need in your local pet store or on the great selection of online stores where you can shop from your home. The right tools will make this job so much easier.


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