All About Best Pet Tortoise Information, Pictures-2020


Tortoises are very good as pets. There are so many species that you can choose from. There are also many advantages to having a pet tortoise.

  • The enclosure is not very costly and can be kept at minimum costs
  • No specific needs like walking in case of dogs
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Tortoise food is not very specific and difficult to obtain
  • Available in various sizes according to your convenient
  • Not at all harmful
  • Our elegant and sophisticated





So, you have decided to buy a tortoise as your pet. You need to do some research before you decide which breed will make the best pet tortoise for you. Most tortoises can be housed indoors outdoor enclosures are preferred by some of the species like the Russian tortoise. You will have to consider the space you will have to provide for a suitable outdoor home. If this is not possible, you will have to go in for the species that will stay indoors like the red-eared slider.


You will have to consider the type of tortoise food you can provide for your pet. Different species of tortoises have different food habits. Some species of tortoises feed only on plants while others may have a variety of food. Box turtles are very choosy when it comes to food. You will have to devote a lot of time to check which type of food is preferred by your pet tortoise. You will have to experiment with a variety of foods changing his diet very often.


You will have to find out if he is eating and enjoying the food. Some tortoises have more adaptable tastes and are very easy to care for. You should also consider this aspect when you decide the best pet tortoise for you. When you have narrowed your options you will have to visit your local pet shop to get your pet tortoise.


Things to consider while getting a pet tortoise

There are so many types of tortoise pets. You will have to visit the pet shops in your locality and check which species of tortoise will thrive in your climate. Ask for the local breeds of others which can adapt easily in your environment See the available species and which interests you more from the ones available Get to know more about the tortoise that fascinates you from the breeder. Ask for suggestions and some reference material If you are considering a baby tortoise or a hatchling tortoise as your pet, you should consider the size it will grow as an adult.



How to get the best pet tortoise

  • Eyes are bright
  • Eyelids are normal and not puffy
  • Breathing is normal and not wheezy
  • Limbs should be strong and not thin and spindly
  • No wounds on soft body parts
  • The shell should be firm and intact

You will have to get the following supplies from your local pet shop. These will help you to keep your pet tortoise healthy and comfortable.

  • Cage with water and land area
  • The heat source for basking
  • Light source
  • Substrate
  • Foods like commercial tortoise food, crickets, vegetables
  • Calcium supplements

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