Puppy Mills Vs Breeders | Learn Which Place Is Best For Pups


The so-called professionals that run puppy mills do not take the puppy’s best interests or the individual’s best interest into account. When looking to adopt a puppy, you are strongly encouraged to ensure that the seller is reliable and can provide you with a healthy puppy. Furthermore, if you are looking to begin a breeding business, you should be sure to run a well-established practice that takes business seriously.


Breeders Details


Breeders work to better the specific breed of dog in which they are selling. Instead of caring about profit or the number of puppies produced in a given litter, true breeders carefully select the male and female dogs that will produce the best offspring.

Additionally, breeders take the temperament, physical aspects, and medical issues with each parenting dog into account so that the offspring will best represent the breed.

Furthermore, breeders will not sell their dogs to just anyone, they carefully evaluate each family to ensure the dog will thrive in that given situation and household. Instead of focusing on making a profit and selling the most dogs possible, a true reliable breeder will work to ensure the buyer is properly-suited for a dog of that specific breed. Additionally, a reliable breeder will ensure the puppy is properly weaned and has been cared for medically by a licensed veterinarian.

Puppy Mills Details

The puppies will be sold at a point in their life when they can safely be removed from the mother without any physical or emotional distress. If a puppy shows signs of medical or emotional issues that can potentially cause problems down the road, a breeder will resist selling this dog and only sell him to a household that is well equipped to handle a dog within that given situation.


Puppy mills will push a puppy onto an individual who only visited the premises to inspect the breed and is the process of looking for a puppy. Those careless people that run puppy mills often cannot guarantee a puppy’s heritage and frequently provide no medical care.

Similarly, puppy mills do not hesitate to remove a puppy from his mother regardless of the time if a party shows interest in adopting the dog. You can usually tell puppy mills by their appearance.

The facilities are usually unclean and unkempt. There will be an overwhelming number of dogs present in the kennels or runs, and these dogs may have unhealthy looking features or coats. The individual that runs a puppy mill will usually resist showing you the parents of the puppy or any other dogs in their kennels.

Additionally, an individual that runs a puppy mill will not have the proper knowledge regarding the breed and has not kept the litter’s purity and temperament in mind when choosing the male and female dogs that will serve as parents.


If you believe you are dealing with a puppy mill, refrain from purchasing a puppy until you can be completely sure the source is reliable. Puppies purchased from puppy mills may experience problems later on down the road, including medical issues from improper nutrition or negligence to properly vaccinate the pup during his early life.

Before you purchase any puppy, do a thorough background check on the establishment and be sure to ask questions in your community to see if any individuals have negative experiences dealing with these potential puppy mills.


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