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Rabbitproof Fence

Rabbits are undoubtedly a beautiful pet to have. The beautiful restless creature with the appearance of a white fur ball is a delight to look at. Bunnies also make good friends and playmate with your children. But this apparently innocent animal has a peculiar habit of chewing anything that it finds in its way.


Especially it does not spare any plants that it comes across. So it is really difficult to have domestic plants if you have a pet rabbit. And if you have a garden at your house and a bunny as a pet you must have been having a tough time to protect the trees from the rabbit. Even if you do not have a rabbit as a pet the rabbit of your neighbor can always intrude in your favorite garden and destroy it.


If you have a bunny at your home you can keep it in the rabbit hutch and keep a watch on it but it is hard to keep a watch on other pet rabbits and the wild rabbits that are a threat to your garden. The best effective way to protect your garden therefore is to erect a rabbitproof fence.

You can place a rabbitproof fence around your garden so that no rabbit can intrude your favorite garden and chew the plants. You can use any material for erecting the fence like wood and metal strings. But these fences cannot always prevent the rabbits from entering into the garden. Therefore the best effective way to prevent the rabbits is to make the rabbitproof fence with rabbit plants and rabbit proof shrubs.

How to save your ganden with rabbitproof fence

Planting the rabbit proof plants around the garden is a natural and effective way of resisting rabbits from entering the garden. Moreover these plants and shrubs will also add as a natural beauty of your garden. There are so many varieties of rabbit proof plants and shrubs and you can choose according to your preference depending on the breed of the plants, nature of the plant and where you have your garden.

Generally the rabbits dislike to chew plants that have hard and tough leaves and prick into their soft bodies. They also like the leaves that secrete white caustic juices when they chew the leaves. These types of plants are mainly categorized as the rabbit proof plants and you can choose one or more varieties for making the rabbitproof fence at your garden.

rabbit proof fence

But you can be sure of the rabbits once you have just planted these rabbit proof shrubs. You have to wait till the trees grow to a height of at least one or two feet otherwise the rabbits can easily jump over them and get into the garden easily. Moreover, they will chew these rabbit proof plants as well at the beginning but when they will find out that these plants really do not taste well only then they will start avoiding these plants. So initially you have to keep a watch on the rabbitproof fence that you are making and you might have to plant new saplings to make the fence rabbit proof.


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