Best Siamese Cat Breed – Related Breeds and Litter Box Guide


The Siamese cat is a “natural” breed meaning that it wasn’t developed by breeding other breeds together to create it. It was found in nature. However, several other breeds of cat have been derived from this natural breed. I think these are all great cats, but not quite as great as I.


Related Breeds Of Siamese Cat Breed

  • The Balinese is derived from the Siamese. Essentially this cat is a long haired version of the Siamese. As such, the CFA recognizes only the four main point colors, but other Cat Associations recognize a broader variety of points.
  • The Tonkinese is a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese. Originally the Burmese breed was typically cross bred with the Siamese. However, the Burmese tends to be a solid color cat with a heavier body type than the Wedgie Siamese. Tonkinese cats have points on their body, though their base body color tends to be darker than that of the Siamese. These cats are also much more sedentary than the average Siamese.
  • The Colorpoint Shorthair. This breed is essentially a Siamese cat with the points being outside the range of “recognized” colors on the points.
  • The Himalayan. This breed was derived originally from a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. It typically has the cobby body and full fur coat of a Persian but the point colors of a Siamese. Once the point colors were set, the Himalayan was bred back with the Persian until today’s breed standard was acheived.
  • The Oriental Shorthair is any Siamese style cat without the points. It can be a solid color cat but with the long lithe body that the Siamese is known for.
  • The Ocicat was originally a cross between the Siamese and the Abyssinian.
  • Javenese is a longhaired version of the Oriental Shorthair.
  • The Snowshoe is a cross between the Siamese and a bi-color American Shorthair. These cats usually have a heavier body and white feet.

Siamese Cat Breed Litter Box

I hate to speak about litter boxes. It’s such a private thing for cats. We are clean private creatures, so could you remember that when it comes to the litter box? Siamese can be particularly picky, but isn’t why you love us?

I have a few litter box do’s and don’ts:

DO keep the litter box clean. This means scooping AT LEAST once a day, more if there are multiple cats

DO keep more than one litter box if you have a multicat household. I have heard that one litter box per cat plus one is good.

DO realize that every Siamese is different. Some want a litter box for solid waste and and one for liquid. It’s not your place to judge-just give us what we need.

DO give us more than one exit. In multi-cat households, the dominant cat may stand in the exit area of the litter box, preventing the non-dominant cat with no exit. This is not a good thing if you want all your cats to keep using the litter box. Make sure it’s not flush against a corner and that there is some “wiggle room” for fast exits.

DO put the litter box in a quiet area. We hate heavily trafficked areas where anyone can com e upon us doing our business. When was the last time you did your thing in the middle of the highway?

DO give us plenty of space to turn around. While most Siamese are petite cats who can use a smaller litter box, what if you get one of those large, handsome appleheaded boys? He needs room to move. Get the largest litter box you can afford.

DO understand that all cats have different preferences. This is why multiple litter boxes are a good idea. You might even have to have different brands of cat litter.

DON’T assume that if we stop using the litter box it’s behavioral. Most of us are quite tidy and don’t just go somewhere else unless there’s a problem. Find out what it is.

Personally, I loved the automatic litter box. Our elder cat didn’t like it because of the high sides and the noise but Gemini and I loved it. I liked to use it. It stayed clean, although my human insists that it takes some time to clean to keep it as pristine as I demand (she’s a slob). We also loved watching the little rake go back and forth after we had been in it. In fact, this was the best part !


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