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Choose a tortoise pet that fits into your household. Small tortoises like Russians tortoises or box tortoises are suitable as pets for people who have homes with small yards. Small tortoises will also require a lot of space as they like to wander and graze for food. Some of the small pet tortoises are listed below:

  • Russian tortoises
  • Herman’s tortoise
  • Box tortoises
  • Marginated tortoise
  • Spur thighed tortoise

Tortoise housing for small tortoises




  • You may want to keep your small tortoises indoors. Do not use glass tanks and aquariums for the purpose of housing your pet tortoise. They are see-through and your pet may want to go to the other side
  • If you want to use a glass tank, you should cover the bottom 4-6 inches to block the view.
  • The reasonable size of habitat would be at least 2 feet by 3 feet for a hatchling or a baby tortoise. It should be increased to 6 feet by 4 feet for an adult tortoise
  • Food water and nesting should be properly provided to the pet
  • The water area should be large enough to allow your pet tortoise to soak when It pleases him. It should be sufficiently small to prevent its drowning. Some like the red feet have a tendency of urinating in the water, hence it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • Topsoil, sphagnum moss, and bed a beast should be used as a good substrate. If possible plant some shallow pans with grass, clover, and dandelion for your pet to graze. You can also plant some monkey grass or small shrubs to cover the area. You can add some rocks and branch to break up your tortoises’ view and give it a natural feel
  • In any case, it is good to provide your small pet tortoise with an outdoor enclosure. This should be predator proof and is a good option during warm weather. Consider some areas of shade and sun for your tortoise to use according to his liking. This will increase his activity levels and ensure good health.
  • You will have to keep your pets away from your pet dogs as they tend to chew their body parts or even kill them. Small pet tortoises often meet with this kind of incidents due to their small size

Tortoise food

  • Tortoise food should consist largely of leafy greens and grasses. Other vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, and carrots can also be used. Calcium and vitD3 supplements are also necessary for good growth.
  • Box tortoise is carnivorous and you will have to feed it with snails and worms along with some greens

Important things to remember about small tortoises

  • Do not feed your pet tortoise with the same food. Try and give a bit of variety when possible
  • Avoid dropping your tortoise as it may kill him
  • Do not let it go towards garden ponds as he may get drowned
  • Do not allow him to go out during frost
  • Do not mow your lawn till you know where your tortoise is
  • Tortoises can climb nettings, hence take care
  • If there is a small hole in the fence he may try to go to the other end
  • Protect your small tortoise from crows, cats, dogs, and foxes

You can consider having a small pet tortoise in your house. Russian tortoises, Herman’s tortoise, Box tortoises, Marginated tortoise, Spur thighed tortoise are all small tortoises and you can choose from them. This article on small pet tortoises will give you some tips.


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