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Spur thigh tortoise is commonly known as sulcata tortoise and is mostly found in the southern Sahara desert region ranging from Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia. The shell of this tortoise can grow up to 36 inches in length and weigh up to 240 pounds. This tortoise can live up to 70 years. The tortoise is uniformly a brown to golden yellow color. Their dry skin helps them in retaining fluids during the dry periods. It is important for one to fulfill the basic requirements of his pet spur tortoise to keep it healthy and in good shape.


Requirements of a spur thigh tortoise:

Habitat for spur tortoise

It is essential for one to give proper habitat to his pet spur tortoise to stay in. It is advisable to provide a pen to your spur tortoise. If the climate of your place is warm then it is recommended to build a pen outside. It is essential for one to provide shelter the outdoor pens. If you live in a colder region then you must provide indoor grazing and basking area to your pet. Make sure that it is spacious so that your turtle can flourish properly.


Credit: charismaticplanet.com

If you are keeping your tortoise outside then ensure that the fences are extended at least two feet underground so that tortoise can burrow easily. You should maintain proper temperature in your tortoise habitat. You can keep the temperature between 72 – 85 ° Fahrenheit. Spur thigh tortoise comes from the desert area, therefore they require dry and arid habitat to stay in. their habitat should not include any kind of poisonous things or plants as they can eat them.

Light for spur thigh tortoise

It is important for one to provide proper lighting to their pet spur thigh tortoise. One should provide UVA and UV lights to this tortoise as this will help in the proper development of skeletal and shell. It is advisable to use ceramic emitters or under the tank heaters to heat their enclosure. Avoid the use of heated rocks in the enclosure.


Food for sour thigh tortoise

These types of tortoise require high fiber and low protein diet. One can provide orchard hay, mixed grasses, timothy hay, berries, clove, prickly pear pads, Dutch clover, sow thistle, romaine, red leaf lettuce, rose leaves and petals, hibiscus and dandelion leaves and flowers to pet sour thigh tortoise.


Breeding spur thigh tortoise

This tortoise mostly breeds in springs. It is advisable to keep the pair of females and males separated at the time of breeding. After the successful mating process, female spur tortoise will lay eggs multiple times. It is essential for one to provide and healthy food to parent and baby spur thigh tortoise.

The above-mentioned information will help you in maintaining the health of your pet spur tortoise. It is important for one to fulfill the basic requirements of their pet to keep them in good shape. One should maintain cleanliness in the habitat of spur thigh tortoise


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