Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs In 2020


In recent years, science has been able to prove and measure the “good” we get from our dogs. Scientists say that our levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that represents stress, falls drastically when we are interacting with dogs and other pets.


In the book, “For the Love of a Dog” by Patricia McConnell, she says that a hormone that causes us to “feel good” increases merely by petting a dog. Researchers believe that dogs provide a primate comfort to us. A nursing professor, at Pittsburgh State University in Kansas, conducted a study on children aged 7 to 14 years old. The results showed that kids that grew up with pets had a higher competence level and higher self-concept.

Kids in the same age range who were also dealing with a chronic illness, and even life threatening diseases, were able to get needed comfort only from their pets. The animals offered non-judgmental friendship that the kids needed.

These researchers now have proven that being with our dogs and cats can be beneficial to our health because our bodies react in positive ways and their presence affects hormones that are beneficial to us. Now they want to know – why our bodies react in that manner. Although I don’t see why it’s such a mystery! Some of us just love animals. We have a profound love for our pets. Our focus is on their needs and care. In return they give us unconditional love and devotion.

My Life with Dogs

I’ve always felt a connection to dogs.  I had a dog as a kid but only for a year before my parents shipped her off to another home – because the neighbors complained.  As soon as I had my own house, I got a puppy from a friend of a friend. Thirty five years later and I can say I’ve rarely lived without at least one dog in my family.


After that first puppy, we went to the shelter to adopt a cat or a dog.  And we adopted only adult dogs. I don’t know why more people don’t adopt older dogs.  Dogs comes with a large range of personalities and it’s much easier to figure out what that is in a dog 1 year or older. They’re usually housebroken and in many cases, they have even had some basic training.

Many of the rescue groups, and some shelters, have fostering programs. We have one in place in our city and it’s worked out great.  There are advantages for both the dog and also for the potential adopters.

If someone is interested in a dog and it’s been with a foster family, they can give the low down on the dog’s habits, behavior, and personality.

If you’re interested in a shelter dog but you’re hesitating on committing to an adoption, you might be able to foster the dog.  See how it works out first.

It takes a dog a few weeks to feel completely comfortable so fostering will give you the opportunity to see the dog after it feels at home. And if you decide the dog isn’t the perfect fit for your situation, at least you’re giving them an opportunity to live stress free in a regular home until he finds his forever home.


It wasn’t until I started volunteering at my local city shelter that I met so many people who felt as strongly I do about dogs.  We understand each other and the emotions these dogs stir in us. To others it may seem unreasonable. That’s why being with these other volunteers is so positive and enjoyable. We all feel a true love for dogs. My only regret is I didn’t it do it years ago.

AND  – the volunteers I work with are some of the best people I’ve ever met. They put long hours into making a better life for our shelter dogs. We have retirees (like myself) and high school graduates and they all get along and never gripe. It’s physically hard but no one complains.

Since spending any hours with these people every week I find that my life is better, I’m happier, and I feel more complete.   The majority of my social life revolves around shelter dogs and the people that care for them – life is good.

Mans Best Friend

Dogs can fill an emotional hole in your heart with their love. It’s an emotion you can count on and one that can really cheer up your day. And all they want is your approval and affection (and a romp at the dog park or a long walk would be nice).


Dogs are creatures that will learn from their observations. Your dog will become sensitive to your body language and emotions. After some time, and if you pay close attention, you’ll also be able to interpret your dog’s body language and it will lead to a close bond between the two of you.

For most dog owners, the connection we have with our dogs is often as strong as or stronger than our relationships with our human counterparts. They provide us with a type of companionship and emotional intimacy that humans can’t quite provide for each other.

Dogs give of themselves freely and without expectation or judgment. The bond between humans and dogs goes beyond words. We get that warm fuzzy feeling from holding our dog, from watching them having fun, and from the love and comfort they give us. And only another dog lover will really be able to understand the connection we have with our dogs.


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