Best Tortoise Breeding Including Information, Pictures-2020


Tortoise Breeding:

If the tortoises breeding is provided with a good diet and they are mature enough, mating will occur. Mating usually takes place the first few weeks after they come out of hibernation. During the mating process, the male often bites the front leg of the female tortoise. The female tortoises are shy in nature; therefore they try their best to escape. Make sure that the enclosure in which you keep your tortoise for the mating process is sealed properly.


Tortoise Breeding is not an intricate or tedious task but you have to take care of a lot of things while breeding tortoise. Things such as regulation of water, healthy diet, cleaning of the enclosure should be kept in mind while breeding a tortoise. Apart from this, you have to maintain the conditions of the enclosure such as temperature, supplying protein-rich food and providing an incubator for incubation of eggs so that the female tortoise can breed easily.



Tortoises start mating at a small size. Male tortoises usually start mating at the age of 4 years whereas females start it at the age of 4.5 years. The age of mating varies from species to species. Some tortoises start mating at the age of 6 years whereas others start it at 4 years. One can easily differentiate between male and female tortoise. The tail of male tortoise is long and kept tucked to the side whereas females have shorter tails

.Make sure that your tortoises are well fed and healthy before you think of breeding them. It is advisable to avoid keeping more than one male tortoise with the female tortoise as it can lead to fighting.

Nesting for tortoise eggs:


It is essential to provide proper nesting area to tortoises to keep their eggs. It can be indoor or outdoor but make sure that it is safe for keeping eggs. At the time of laying eggs, the female tortoise will become restless. She might stop eating for a few days to a week. Tortoises usually prefer to lay eggs outside the nest box. At one time she will lay around 5 – 6 eggs. The eggs should be handled properly until they are incubated.

Incubation of tortoise eggs:

It is essential to provide an efficient incubator to hatch tortoise eggs. The most recommended temperature for the incubator is between 29°C (84.2°F) and 35°C (95°F). The hatching process will take about 2 days.

It is essential for one to provide proper housing and food to the baby tortoise. They usually take 2 weeks or a month to start eating. You should also take proper care of female tortoise. It should be fed properly.


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