Toy American Eskimo Dog Full Guide In 2020


The Toy American Eskimo is a very intelligent, loving, and affectionate animal, and is known to be very good with children.



Alert and obedient, this is a breed that makes a great family pet. However, this breed can also be willful and stubborn at times and can be wary of strangers until they get to know them. The American Eskimo loves to please and thrives on attention and dedication from its owners. The breed can become a nuisance if neglected without attention.




Toy American Eskimo Physical features

The Toy American is a very handsome dog, boasting a snowy white coat and an alert expression. The Toy American Eskimo is just one of the three sizes that this dog bred comes in, and has a wedge-shaped head with triangular erect ears. The tail is plumed and luxurious, and the lustrous coat is always white, although some can have cream markings. This dog also has a distinctive ruff, which gives it a somewhat regal look. The weight of the Toy American is around 6-10 pounds, and the height is around 9-12 inches.


Is he right for you?

With its agreeable temperament and its ability to get along with children, the Toy American is a good choice for a family pet. If you live in an apartment you will be fine with this pet, but you should make sure that he is properly exercised in a safe area if there is no garden or yard.


Toy American Eskimo Health Problems

Although the Toy American is largely a healthy breed, there are certain ailments to look out for, and these include eye and hip problems. This breed can also gain weight easily if portions and diet are not carefully monitored so you should go easy on treats.




Toy American Eskimo Grooming requirements

Grooming requirements for the Toy Eskimo are not excessive. You should brush his coat on a daily basis when he is shedding, and around twice weekly at other times in order to keep it in good condition and tangle-free.


Toy American Eskimo History

Part of the Spitz family of dogs, this breed became known as the Toy American after being brought to America. The breed was only recognized by the AKC in 1995, although it was registered with the UKC in 1913.



The Toy American came in at 109th of 155 on the AKC popularity list in 2006, and 108th in 2005.


Dog group

The Toy American Eskimo comes under the AKC Non-sporting Group.


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