Turtle Diseases | Algae Growth, Drowned & Disorders

Turtle Diseases, If you are noticing that your turtle is not performing in a usual manner or you are noticing some remarkable lousiness in your pet turtle from the past few days then he might be under the arrest of some kind of turtle disease.

Just spot the symptoms and find out the Turtle disease which has arrested your pet and rush to the vet for the cure of the same. Have a glance at some of the common diseases usually a pet turtle is in detention of.

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Algae Growth On The Turtle Needs Medical Attention:

Although insignificant or very little growth of algae on your turtle is acceptable if its presence is making the turtle dull then it is for sure a serious problem. One should take very good care that there is minimal algae accumulation of algae on the turtle shell or else in severe circumstances, it may lead to shell rot. Shell rot, of course, is permanent and lethal thus immediate attention must be paid if there are signs of this turtle disease on your turtle.

Drowned Turtle Disease Means Rushing To A Vet:

On the occasion of seeing your turtle drowned within, don’t start weeping immediately as you might find running and turtle might have just fallen unconscious. When this situation comes across, just act wisely and immediately hold the turtle in the fresh air and try extending its neck outwards by holding behind its ears. Try opening its mouth so that it pukes some water. Now it’s high time, just rush to the vet after you are through with the first aid. Artificial oxygen and antibiotics will help your pet in a smooth recovery.

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Appetite loss in turtle is another cause of concern:

If you are noticing a sudden dropdown in the appetite of your turtle, then mind it there is possibly something wrong. If the temperature in the pen is not suiting your turtle completely, in the sense that it is either too cool or hot then the turtle might not accept food. If you find the temperature to be perfect then you can try giving it a different food variant. Another cause may be the change in the pen accessories etc which might have scared the pet.

Respiratory disorders in Turtle Should be Given Immediate Medical Attention

Of late, if you are noticing that your turtle is gaping wide just to breathe then he might have become a prey to some respiratory turtle disease. This indicates severe trouble in the intake of oxygen. Other pointers towards this disorder include swollen eyes, swollen ears, and a running nose.

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These are the most common of infections that demand the advice of a vet, but mind it they are not all. Other diseases to which turtles are prone to include blood parasites, vision disorders, ticks and mites, nutritional disorders, vitamin deficiencies, shell rots, external bites, and injuries. So, take very good care of your pet turtle to ensure it a carefree long life ahead.

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