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Type of Turtles

Taming a turtle is indeed a fun thing to do but only if one selects the right species. There are many different types of turtles around the world. The selection of the turtle to be tamed plays a vital role in deciding if you are going to spend some peaceful or some troublesome years ahead. Below you’ll find some of the ideal turtle species which are great to be kept as pets.


Top 5 Type of Turtles

1. Peninsula Cooter Turtle:

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If you are a novice in the world of taming turtles, then a great option for you will be to go with peninsular cooter turtle. It is an extremely hassle-free pet that requires very little attention. This herbivorous species is found to be hardy by temperament and loves feeding on insects and fishes in their juvenile days. Basking in the sun near a water body is one of the things they love to do. They usually don’t face any problem when kept in captivity with a water body and a dry area to bask on.

2. Green Sea Turtle:

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The tropical and subtropical places of the world are brimming with the species of the green sea turtle. People owning this breed as a pet develop the sense of pride within us this is counted among the most endangered pet species. This exotic turtle species is not at all problematic when kept in captivity. It feeds well and is interactive at times too.

3. North American Wood Turtle:

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North American wood type of turtles is one of the most interesting pet species to own as a pet. Being a quick learner and interactive in nature people love to keep it as a pet. Right taming and guidance of this sharp brained turtle can make it earn amazing activities. All one needs to provide them is sufficient and appropriate food and a sparkling cool freshwater tank.

4. Australian Pig Nosed Turtle:

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This is the type of turtles that love to gurgle in freshwaters. Some of the subspecies of this turtle include the Fly River turtle, platelets turtle, pitted shelled turtle, etc. These species come under soft-shelled turtles. When taming them in an aquarium, pen or tank remember not to accompany them with huge fishes and other reptiles. If the pen or tank of these turtles is kept open, remember they have a risk of birds too.

5. Saw Back Turtle:

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The saw back turtle is also known as the map turtle which is usually seen in freshwaters. It is an attractive and hassle-free turtle to be kept as a pet. The markings on its body are usually in the colors of cream, green and yellow which makes it appear like a road map and thus it is named as map turtle.

Mentioned above are some of the turtles which are amazing when kept as a pet, but the list does not end here. Other eminent names from the world of tamable turtles include the painted turtle, the red-eyed sliders, the loggerhead turtle, the Asian box turtles, the hawksbill turtle, the leatherback turtle and the alligator snapping turtle. So, which turtle is in your mind to be kept as a pet?


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