What Do Baby Turtles Eat? Food For Turtles – 2020


If you are planning to own a baby turtle or your turtle has given birth to one, then you’ll have to very careful when it comes to diet and care of the baby turtle. You should know what do baby turtles eat so that to ensure the proper growth of your pet turtle. One needs to be exceptionally careful and vigilant while taming a baby turtle. The prime concern of the owner of a baby turtle is to feed it appropriately well. Let’s have a glance at what do baby turtles eat and what not to feed a baby turtle.


Flakes And Pellets: What Do BabyTurtles Eat?


What do baby turtles eat? One needs to feed a baby turtle in a healthy manner to ensure its proper growth and sound life. One of the best foods one can offer a baby turtle comes in the form of flakes. Pellets are also a great option to feed your baby turtle. Moreover, these foods come in various shapes and sizes. Small, medium and jumbo packs of the food are available and one can make a choice of it according to the intensity of the baby turtles in the tank/pen. These foods attract baby turtles immensely.

Turtle sticks are a great turtle baby food option:


What do baby turtles eat: One can feed a baby turtle sufficiently by offering it the great turtle sticks. The turtle sticks are not only meant for the baby turtle but the adult turtles relish it too. It is a very filling food for turtles of all ages. If you own a water turtle then this is supposedly the best food as the water turtles are in a habit of grabbing in larger chunks of food.

Baby turtles relish live food:


The baby turtles are often observed relishing the live food a lot but mind it the quantity of the live food and the size of it should be in accordance with the size of your baby turtle. The live food for baby turtles includes mealworms and crickets. One should avoid some baby turtle food available in the market such as feeder fish. The food in the form of fishes often develops parasites within the pen.

Other Factors: What Do Baby Turtles Eat?

One should never feed the baby turtles with mealworms and large fishes. It is also suggested that one should never ever feed the baby turtle with bugs and shrimps. These are the most infectious and unsafe food for baby turtles especially. The pellets of the shrimps are fine but not the shrimp as a whole. One can even feed the baby turtles on hard-boiled eggs and the crushed shells of the same. Raw meats is also a no for the baby turtles as these are rich in facts that take the baby turtles at a higher risk of salmonella.


If you are serving the above mentioned foods to your baby turtle am sure it will catch growth soon and will be blessed with a healthy life. If you still notice some odds in the behavior of your pet then do consult a vet immediately and set the things right.


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