Why do Fish Jump Out of The Water? Real Reason Explained

Why do fish jump out of tanks more if it has lids?

Now can anyone explain to me how it’s possible the most of my aquariums that I have on display have got no meds and I have basically no problem whatsoever, with fish jumping out but then when I, have an aquarium it’s got a full set of lids and maybe there’s just a little bit at the back cut out for the heater court or something like that that is the tank that the fish jump out so it’s almost like if you give your fish a hundred percent chance to jump out they’re not interested but then if you give them, very little chance to get out they take any little chance they get to jump out and land on the floor as if they’ve outsmarted you or something anyway who seems to think that tanks with no leads don’t lose fish by jumping out and tanks with lids with a tiny gap lose more fish never really understood that.

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