Yellow Footed Tortoise (Housing, Food, Breeding & More)


Yellow Footed Tortoise is commonly known as South American tortoise and South American forest tortoise. This tortoise can grow up to 41- 76 cm in length and 11 – 15 kg in weight. The shell of the yellow-footed tortoise is thick and heavy. The color of its shell is dark brown with some yellow patches on it and the head is brown with some orange scales and markings on it.



Yellow-footed tortoises are quite similar to the red-footed tortoise. The only difference between the two is that red-footed tortoises are more colorful than the yellow-footed tortoises. Yellow footed tortoises are quite admired by people as a pet because of their looks and because they are easy to care for.


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Yellow footed tortoises are mostly found in South America. These tortoises are quite active animals and can live up to 50 years. A good environment and a healthy diet should be provided to them to make them feel secure and comfortable. It is important for you to provide basic things to your pet yellow footed tortoise. Some of the basic requirements of pet yellow footed tortoise are mentioned below.

Requirements of the yellow-footed tortoise:

Housing for yellow-footed tortoise:

it is essential for the owner to provide proper housing to their pet yellow-footed tortoise. The small yellow-footed tortoise should be kept in an indoor enclosure whereas the large yellow-footed tortoises require an outdoor enclosure. Make sure that the enclosure you provide to your pet yellow-footed tortoise is large enough so that your pet can feel comfortable in it.


Yellow-footed tortoises mostly prefer to have an outdoor enclosure so that they can receive direct sunlight with grass, plants, and soil. Outdoor enclosures should contain shelter from the heat, secure place to rest and water. Ensure that the enclosure you provide your pet yellow-footed tortoise is escape-proof and predator-proof. The owner should also provide proper lighting and heater in the enclosure.


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Food for yellow-footed tortoise:

The owner should provide a healthy and sufficient amount of food to his pet yellow-footed tortoise. Yellow-footed tortoises are omnivores and love to feed on a mixed diet of fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to offer some high protein items to yellow-footed tortoise once or twice a week. You can also serve commercial food to your yellow-footed tortoise. The owner should offer water in a large flat saucer instead of the deep bowl so that the tortoise can drink water from it easily.


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Breeding Yellow Footed Tortoise:

A healthy pair can produce two clutches of 6 to 12 eggs each season after the mating process. These eggs should de be incubated at 84 ° F for at least 100 days.


Yellow-footed tortoise requires proper attention and care to survive. It is important for the owner to fulfill all the basic requirements of his pet yellow-footed tortoise. Clean environment, food, and water should be offered to the tortoise. Some common cryptograms of illness in yellow-footed tortoise are – lack of appetite, running or smelly stools and blood in fences. If you find any of these symptoms in your pet yellow-footed tortoise then you should immediately consult a good veterinarian.


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