Hodeiertza — Fish Subsidy payments

Year Scheme Amount
2006   €31,906.25
2000   €1,237,800.00
Total: €1,269,706.25

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4 years ago

In April 2005 this vessel was convicted of illegal fishing in French waters, use of illegal fishing gear.

Sanction: €60,000 deposit; fine unknown.

The following year it received €31,906.25 in EU subsidy for vessel modernisation.

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Currently all we know about HODEIERTZA are the few bits of information released by the European Commission.

We need your help to find out more about this recipient. Is it a vessel owned by a large company? Which fish stocks does it target? Has it been involved in illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing? Has it received other national-level subsidies? Anything else that is of wider public interest?

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