Schemes in All Countries in 1999

Scheme Name Amount
Construction of new vessel   €182,259,892.45
Increase in processing capacity   €164,323,468.48
Scrapping   €149,179,090.47
Modernisation of vessel   €95,370,549.21
Construction of new port facilities/extension of existing port facilities   €62,394,990.27
Increase in aquaculture production capacity   €57,809,725.25
Modernisation of existing processing units   €50,263,461.06
Joint enterprises   €40,789,734.66
Modernisation of existing port facilities   €31,555,699.94
Modernisation of existing aquaculture units   €29,049,414.03
Promotion (campaigns, trade fairs, surveys etc.)   €28,821,656.90
Quality certification and product labelling operations   €17,193,490.17
Modernisation of existing marketing establishments   €16,720,094.57
Processing and marketing - not further defined   €14,400,122.63
Pilot/demonstration projects   €8,583,939.82
Temporary joint ventures   €6,835,758.24
Temporary cessation of activities and other financial compensation   €5,892,401.35
Flat-rate individual cessation premium   €4,348,581.31
Protection and development of aquatic resources   €3,521,121.23
Exportation/Reassignment/Transfer to third country   €3,206,125.71
Socio-economic measures - not further defined   €1,394,159.11
Aquaculture - not further defined   €704,715.91
Operations financed by the ERDF   €376,020.52
Operations by members of the trade (setting up producer organisations, aid to assist their drive to improve quality etc.)   €261,034.07
Early retirement   €207,944.00