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Many people wonder to keep betta fish in their fish tank because of it’s colourful body which  please people while some love to see them wandering in the fish tank. They are very active swimmers and tend to jump over and over again to the top of the water surface to gain oxygen. 

The main misconception I would say is the low level maintenance needed for bettas. I personally do not support this myth. Even they require proper care and clean environment for their happy existence and How to Clean Fish Tank. They significantly need big spaces to swim as they are the most active fishes when compared to others. So it’s not too easy nor too hard to keep a betta fish in your fish tank. You just need to make them happy and the work is done. But how you will know whether they are happy and healthy?

Have your ever noticed the cluster of bubbles on the surface of water in your betta fish tank? The answer to your question is in this guide where I have answered all your queries regarding bubble nest of betta fishes in your fish tank.

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A lot many species makes bubble nests like eels and frogs which exactly how they look like. They just blow bubble bubbles and collect it all together to form one nest. These nests are build up at places where oxygen could be gained which means certainly a surface where they can butt up against like the debris or plants.

It’s a part of natural reproduction and made by the male bettas on rare occasions. There is no specific time limit to make it up. It totally depends on bettas will they want to make betta fish bubble nest or not depending on certain factors. Even females do at times. There is a must to have plants in your tank otherwise debris will be the location for his nests or else the corner of the tank will also do as they want some sort of surface to build one. Well one question might arise that do male betta make such bubble nest. So the answer is yes but very rare as most of the time the male take the burden to make it.

Thus, a betta fish bubble nest is formed by the male bettas which completely a natural behavior is giving you a good sign of their happiness and health.


No big deal in making a betta fish bubble nest it’s just a natural process which takes place in the tank or in the wild. The fish blows out bubbles like Siamese fighting fish known as Betta Splendens, which actually make this viable in a frantic way by making a huge noise. Once the bubbles are made thy are placed at the surface so that they hold the oxygen through it’s hold. Bettas make use of their saliva to keep the betta fish bubble nests strong and durable. Thereby, making a best fish bubble nest for keeping their eggs.



Aphrophilus are the fishes that make bubble nests, which is also known as foam nests. These species tend to live in dirty and stagnant, slow moving, and shallow areas having low oxygen levels. Helping them from larger predators from falling pretty so they live in such acidic water condition. betta fish bubble nest is one form of adaptation for the survival. As these areas are not so safe and termed to be poor breeding place unable to support eggs and fry.

Male bettas are responsible for their eggs care and safety. The female just gives out the eggs and her works gets done. It’s the safest place for breeding their eggs and reproduction action. It allows them to live with peace by keeping away from attackers. Imagine how a butterfly matures, similarly, Bubble Nest is just like the cocoon where in the caterpillar matures into butterfly.



Bubble Nest is splendid in look and varies from fish to fish. They don’t have any fix inches or construction to be considered for their  betta fish bubble nest. If the bettas want larger offsprings they can create large bubble nests. Also the most important things to remember is not very time the same fish could create the same size betta fish bubble nest.

It may vary from time to time depending on his needs and wants. Some betta fish bubble nest are made by very small bubbles as of foam while some have large and distinct shapes. Some are thick while some even find it even more thick on the other hand there are things betta fish bubble nests sought too. Some are spread out while some are conservative. Age plays the main role in making the nests. The size of the betta fish bubble nest will be considered as per the age of the fish. Also not to forget the other species present in the aquarium that affects the construction of the nests.




Eggs are kept in the betta fish bubble nest to secure their life. They can be eaten up by their own parent female bettas as well as the predators who are in search for food. So once the eggs are released by the female bettas those eggs are taken in the mouth of male bettas and put inside the betta fish bubble nest so that they be stable and out of their reach.

Male bettas take care of their young ones by keeping watch on these eggs and try to make sure that no eggas are eaten up or been hatched by any other fish. betta fish bubble nest are a safe zone for the survival of the upcoming bettas young ones.



When fishes that breed on making bubbles it becomes heavy duty laid on males and less on females. The female just have to spawn the eggs. The decision is relatively connected with feelings emerged by the males for females that the bubbles nest made by males gets accepted. Some species, led up to betta fsih bubble nest to release their eggs and not in the floating water. Whole lot of work is to be done by the males and put on their shoulders, including male bettas.

After mate is done the finale releases out the eggs and it becomes male duty to grab it in his mouth and take it towards the betta fish bubble nest for proper incubation. The duration between the eggs in the nest and till the time they get hatched is the service done by the male for looking after them. It takes no long time to hatch it out some take very few days to do so. If he sees the eggs falling out of the betta fish bubble nest the male bettas catches it up and drops him back to the nest.

The male bettas watch out for the babies as the predators could try to eat them up ven the female bettas if given a chance could do the same. So with full security the male bettas try to keep their eggs safe and secure from getting any harm. I’d the young one gets hatched then too he takes care of it as they themselves can’t survive immediately.

They need certain time to grow fully and till the time they are watched by the parent betta itself. They remain in the bubble nest until they become mature. It probably take one or two weeks to for the young once to standstill. Despite all things it’s not completely necessary to build betta fish bubble nest as there are some bettas who do not make such nests. Even though making one is a sign of healthy and happy bettas don’t worry not all species live same some are unique.



It is not necessary that bettas keep on building betta fish bubble nest during their entire time. There are other factors too for this production like the potential for making it, as well as how often to be made. In all cases, breeding season makes it vital for the greater production level. Betta are also skeptical with the presence of female bettas as their presence just not stimulate them but also attracs them clores for great production giving instinct action.

Female bettas just have to swim around the male betta to provoke male bettas to build up Bubble Nest. Water temperature has a significant role to play in this entire scenario. Warmer temperatures increase breeding and create the flurry of things to foam nest resulting bubbles. If bettas get enough space to build the nest they just no waste time and start building the betta fish bubble nest as per desired. For example, you need to maintain the temperature between 78 and 82 degrees for the happy and healthy living of bettas.

By keeping this temperature you build the interest for bettas to breed and build the nest. But there are times when they don’t commence and end up just swimming here and there. Well, it’s not your fault you just need to be patient at times there maturity level matters if they dont want to breed now. Even the time and instinct depends on the bettas as all this work on their desired wish.



If your see the size and everything else, the frequency is USP of this fish. Some bettas will build their bubble nest on a regular basis. Others would come up with a monthly or weekly cycle. While some are lethargic while some grow up through stimulation. It is also possible the one who used to create monthly can turn to weekly and then daily finally not even a single day.

It happens to some of the bettas who show some enthusiasm at beginning but then get deprived later. This is just a common thing you don’t need to get worry about it as there are some bettas who almost never bubble the nest which is no requirement for that betta. Well, you might know why do they build this bubble nest as it is a part of their breeding process. Nevertheless, the male bettas even just for their daily routine also can build this bubble nest if not breeding then as it becomes their natural tendency to do so.

If you see a betta fish bubble nest in your fish tank then it is a sign that your betta fish is healthy and happy. However, there is no specific time or size for the betta fish bubble nest to be made by betta. It depends on their paradigm that each individual betta follows. Every other fish has their own pattern to be followed same is with bettas.



If there’s a lack of a betta fish bubble nest that shouldn’t mean you to conclude that your male betta fish is discontent, having the one who constructs a bubble nest is enough to retain his happiness and stability.

There are certain few ways that might help to create a bubble nest so that you be content assuring yourself with his satisfaction. Through mini level environmental changes there could be a big difference in the upbringing a betta fish bubble nest.

See to it that the betta fish is held up in a proper tank unlike a concave or half Moon tank as their behavior is very anxious and such tanks obscure proper vision for these sweet little betta fishes. This makes them very much annoying and can effect their health directly. Also do not keep them in small tank. Firstly, you won’t find any space for betta fish bubble nest in these little bowls and secondly, irrespective of people what they may say, bettas look out for large environments where they can happily enjoy there freedom and be active. Consider a tank which is of about 2-3 gallons so that they can have enough space for swimming around.

Maintain a clean and tidy tank that doesn’t mean it will be spotless. Always remember, betta fishes love to live in muddy, shallow pools of slow- moving, dirty or stagnant water, being a wild fish. Even in such space they turn out to be so active to find a secure place for their betta fish bubble nest building. Keep this is mind to not disregard your bettas, replace 1/3 new water at one time with fresh water once in a week. It helps to promote betta fish bubble nest building if you maintain your fish tank. If you see an existing betta fish bubble nest, you may scoop it out with care and replace it. No need to get worried about bettas getting anxious as they won’t get angry so soon because of your destruction. They will just make a new one.

Have an eye on your filter. If your filter tank causes too much of a current on the surface specifically then your bettas won’t be able to build betta fish bubble nest. Just like bettas like to move in slow movement similarly it would be good enough to make your Filter work at low level so that there are no chances emerging of current or ruining the mood of your bettas.

Try to control the temperature. Make an arrangement for a heater or heating lamp which fits the size of your fish tank. You certainly don’t want to overheat your bettas and end up causing a harm instead of helping him. Find a source where you can get heat for the small 2-3 gallons of fish tank and try to keep the temperature between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit so that they get prepare for their breeding process.

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Bored right! So even bettas need some reason for a happy living, isn’t it? They are just like the other fishes even they want something fancy around them to spice them up be it rocks that are colorful, tank plants, a castle, a hammock, or something else that looks attractive and attracts them. Even a small lighting can make a huge difference so never underestimate the want of decor in any fish tank including bettas.

Make arrangements of floating items. It could be anything like the lid to a Pringles can that floats above. This makes them confidence to build a bubble nest and hold them together making a believe of safety and security. Make use of non toxic items as the toxic ones could really harm your bettas making a huge blunder. Try to please them in such a manner so that they get enthusiastic to build up a nest.

Females input in the fish tank. If you’re not a breeder then you probably don’t want the female to attachwith the male bettas. For that reason you need to set in a dividor or place it in a transparent closed pack so that the betta male could see them at least giving an urge to stimulation. The appearance of female itself will stimulate the male bettas giving brith to betta fish bubble nest frantically. Once they commence the build up, you should place the female in her own environment as soon as possible so that she finds her way to the male betta.

Test the water. Make sure the pH level of your water tank is suitable to the bettas residing there. As the wild bettas end up living in acidic water you would probably not want your fish to get unhealthy or sick. It’s simple to take a test kit box that helps to check the water chemistry level so that you can keep a regular check on the water changes. See to it the water doesn’t turn into alkaline as it may cause harm to your bettas health living.

Remember, however, that even if you see everything is right here, and you’re feeding your betta fish properly, you may still never see your betta producing a bubble nest. It’s more likely they will at a specific mature age, but even this can’t be guaranteed. If your bettas are lethargic or pale, you may think  that he’s sick. Otherwise, if he’s a productive builder you get an idea of his proper health, you can’t prejudice him as ill just because he chooses not to build bubble nests.

If you notice any change in the beta’s pattern, then this also isn’t a reason for alarm. 

Aphrophilus males will blow betta fish bubble nest timely based on nothing more than a desire or will to do so based on instinct, you can’t fix this at your time as that frequency can change over time without anything else seems to change in the environment.

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If your willing to keep a betta fish then know its every inch of it’s behavior to feeding to it’s breeding. It’snot very difficult or head to keep a fish but it is necessary to maintain the tank for the survival of your fishes at the same time even bettas should be taken good care of. Having a betta can be adventurous as you want to watch them doing the fun with full swing. Their betta fish bubble nest building is the amazing thing to be watched on.
If you are worried that the environment will not suite to build up the nest for bettas, make some changes and there you go. Firstly, the tank should be large enough, secondly, keep the place neat and tidy. Lastly decor the tank so that they get excited to live and breed happily either by female provoke. Following tips mentioned here will probably help you to keep your bettas much happier and safe. So just follow them and see how bubble nest is getting excel in your fish tank.

What does a Betta bubble nest look like?

If a male Betta fish does not have a female Betta fish partner in his tank will make bubbles, it is his last effort to ditch female Betta. He just hope that a female Betta will pass-by, and have his sperms in her nest. Sometimes this can be a warning sign about poor quality of your tank, So think about the quality of your tank as may contain chemical like nitrates, which is making your male Betta fish to make bubble nest.

Why is my Betta making a bubble nest?

When male Betta fish is willing for mating, then Betta fish make bubble nest. This usually happens when change the water or Bettas are willing for mating.

What is a Betta bubble nest?

Male Bettas normally cluster small bubbles on the top surface of water to attract female bettas. Male betta will wait for the female betta then he will leave it’s guard.

How do you know when a Betta is done with his bubble nest?

It’s pretty difficult to tell, but Male bettas stop making bubble nest after mating with female betta.

When will my Betta make a bubble nest?

You will see Betta fish bubble nest when –
1. When male betta is happy.
2. When you will change the water.
3. When they feel like a female betta is passing by.





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