Molly Fish: Care, Types, Breeding, Tank Mates & Behavior Guide



Molly fish come in bunches of assortments with various hues and shapes. With such a large number of to look over there’s one to suit everyone.


In this article we spread the most mainstream assortments just as clarifying their optimal arrangements, favored eating routine and considerably more.

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Every one of the animal varieties in this class are mollies aside from the Endler’s live bearer. There are at present 40 species in this class, so 39 of them are mollies.

Mollies are local to the Americas, however their natural surroundings can change altogether. This implies they hold their eggs inside their body until they can bring forth live youthful straight into the water.

They are an extremely well known gathering of fish. Most species are solid and simple to think about, making them extraordinary for apprentices. They function admirably in tranquil network aquariums. Whenever kept in a solid situation, a gathering of mollies will flourish and can satisfy 5 years.

It’s uncommon that you will go over a fish store that doesn’t sell mollies – they are one of the most well-known freshwater fish.

Behavior of Mollies

They are a quiet pack more often than not yet can give indications of animosity when swarmed or encompassed by forceful tank mates. Accordingly, it’s significant that their tank is huge enough, and that they have appropriate tank mates (more on this later).

Mollies are dynamic and social so they appreciate tutoring together. A reef ought to be prevalently female since guys are known to annoy and stretch females.

It’s anything but difficult to spot characters in dynamic fish like these. Watching them for some time will rapidly get you connected as you see their individual contrasts.

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Mollies Types and Appearances

There are bunches of molly fish assortments – most are fundamentally the same as the basic molly (Poecilia sphenops). The principle contrasts are hues and examples, however sizes and shapes can vary as well.

The normal molly has a straightened body. At the opposite end is the caudal balance which is an enormous fan that can be straightforward or brilliant. 

Sexing these fish isn’t excessively hard and they are anything but difficult to mate.  Females are bigger as well, conceivably achieving 4.5 inches. Guys develop to 3 inches. Their guts swell to be a lot greater than different females.

Here’s a synopsis of a couple of mainstream mollies for home aquariums:

  • Black Molly Fish
  • Sailfin Molly 
  • Lyretail Molly

Environment and Tank Conditions


In the wild, a molly’s environment can differ. Plants would be copious as well, they fundamentally utilize these as safe house yet they’re significant for proliferation too. The waterways are in tropical atmospheres so get a decent supply of light for plant development.

Tank Setup

Mollies reared in bondage for the aquarium exchange are altogether used to comparative conditions, so you don’t have to stress over every assortment requiring an alternate arrangement. 

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Use embellishments like rocks to make caverns and cleft. They’re valuable for all fish to make tracks in an opposite direction from others that could be bothering them.

A few people suggest marginally saline waters for your mollies. Standard aquarium lighting will be sufficient. You needn’t bother with some other extraordinary hardware (like a water/vacuum apparatus) either. These fish are utilized to moderate moving water which the channel outlet will give.

Feeding Molly Fish:

Be that as it may, these sustenance materials are difficult to give at home aquariums normally.

In any case, rather you can utilize counterfeit stuff, or they may likewise be benefited from vegetables, chip sustenance and a great deal of assortment of fish nourishments accessible in shops these days..

A list of nourishment things for mollies:

  • Chip nourishment
  • Green growth
  • Amphibian Plants
  • Glass worms
  • Bloodworms
  • Blackworms
  • Salt water Shrimps
  • Broil Mollies
  • Bugs Larvae

Molly Fish Breeding

Mollies become conceptive at an extremely youthful age, and they needn’t bother with exceptional conditions to breed. They can breed in all respects effectively, and female mollies are pregnant practically constantly. Spot some since a long time ago leafed plants in light of the fact that the pregnant mollies need some darker and serene corner in the tank.

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Step by step instructions to Breed Mollies and Caring Pregnant Molly [The Right Way]

Mating Behavior:

One male molly fish can mate with different female fishes, so it’s smarter to keep one male molly with 3 to 4 female mollies. Male molly for the most part demonstrates the pursuing conduct for mating while female additionally flag emphatically on the off chance that they needed to mate generally the male keeps on pursuing.

Indications of Pregnancy

A dark line on the lower side of paunch likewise speaks to their pregnancy. While following a couple of days an unmistakable gulped midsection is sufficient to see the pregnancy.

What kind of preparation Mollies experience?

Mollies and the various live-conveyor fishes experience inward preparation. This implies the eggs treat inside the female molly and bring forth broil angles which are the littler/modest copies or duplicates of grown-up mollies.

What amount of time mollies take to conceive an offspring?

Following 3 to about a month and a half of pregnancy, mollies bring forth their children. So mollies for the most part don’t have a long pregnancy period.
Mollies can bring forth roughly 10 to 40 babies at any given moment. While once in a while they can likewise bring forth a hundred of mollies yet it’s redundant that all the rotisserie fishes can endure longer particularly when kept with other grown-up mollies.

How to think about broil mollies?

As molly fish don’t have child rearing propensities so broil mollies need to make due without anyone else. Parent mollies can even eat their children, and consequently a couple of sear fishes can make due until adulthood. On the off chance that you need all your rotisserie mollies to endure, at that point you should either place them in a different tank or by giving they space to conceal like since quite a while ago leafed plants.

How to think about sear mollies?

As molly fish don’t have child rearing propensities so sear mollies need to get by alone. On the off chance that you need all your rotisserie mollies to endure, at that point you should either place them in a different tank or by giving them space to shroud like since quite a while ago leafed plants.
Sear Molly Food:
Sear mollies can without much of a stretch feed on the nourishment you feed to grown-up mollies. Yet, in the event that you are demonstrating bigger measured pieces, at that point it’s smarter to crush the nourishment for broil fishes to encourage easily.
Molly Fish Tank Mates:
It is difficult to pick the best tank mates as each fish has various propensities, animosity levels, personalities, swimming propensities, sustenance amiability, and numerous different variables. In this way, you should pick the tank mates in all respects admirably, and after extraordinary information of each occupant, you are keeping. 

Would mollies be able to worry effectively?

On the off chance that they are known for their serene disposition, at that point they additionally need different fishes with them to be the equivalent tranquil nature. In the event that you keep them with the very forceful fishes, at that point they may get harassed by them inevitably and worry effectively.
There are much more factors that reason them to discourage from the right choice of nourishment to tank. Water temperature, absence of oxygen in the water, low quality sustenance or less admission of nourishment can without much of a stretch worry them. A grimy tank can likewise be the essential explanation behind their worry as destructive synthetic compounds and proteins may influence their well-being.
Mollies additionally appreciate a ton of plants in their tanks particularly the pregnant and broil mollies. In the event that they won’t get enough darker corners and space to conceal they will worry and may bite the dust if this circumstance keeps on irritating them. Get Info about african cichlids

Are Mollies forceful or murder fish?

Mollies can be forceful and may even kill different fishes yet only one out of every odd time.
A great deal of guys together are considerably progressively forceful and executioners. Along these lines, never keep an excessive number of guys in a similar tank. . It is smarter to let one male principle more than 5 to 6 females.
Discussing female molly fish, they are not forceful at all thus slaughtering is far separated for them.

Are Mollies difficult to keep?

That may occur because of the uneven tank conditions required for them to endure appropriately. They appear to end up debilitated, languid rapidly and may even bite the dust now and again. While a great many people think that its hard to think about fishes instead of different pets like a madhouse, and the truth behind this reality is that people share a few things for all intents and purpose with different pets as opposed to the amphibian pets. So they are more earnestly to keep, yet a little information and mollies care can lead your approach to deal with them effectively.

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