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Ghost Shrimp also known as Glass Shrimps are quite popular among all the fish keepers from beginners to Experts. Ghost Shrimps are easy to take care of, so they can also be handled by the beginners.


There are many insects in this world which are accustomed to stay with the fishes in the aquarium. Ghost Shrimp is one of the species of the different species of Shrimp present in the market and it has also has got that other type of species which are acquainted to stay with the fishes and the aquatic plants in the aquarium.

About Ghost Shrimp: (Overview)

Ghost Shrimp species are originally which has its origin in North America and also been popular from the time it was first described in the year of 1850 in the beginning. This Insect has a common name that is used for different species that are present in different aquarium tanks that are present and accepted in the market.

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These species are differently present within the Palaemonetes Genus, and the most common name given to all such Species is shrimp and these common names are generally used by the fish stores who generally have this shrimp for people who feel like keeping one in the aquarium. This species is now found all around the world and is mostly reared by farmers as fish feeder and for supplying the same in home aquariums.

Ghost Shrimp not only gets the viewer to look at itself in the aquarium but also cleans up the aquarium tanks by eating up the uneaten food on the floor of the aquarium tanks and also keeping the algae in the aquarium tank. This insect does not require a group of its own for its working. Ghost shrimp can work alone with all efficiency and letting the Aquarium Tank Clean.

Appearance: Why are they called Ghost Shrimp?

This species are one of the most clear in color so that it cannot be visible to the predators and can easily evade them. Ghost Shrimp is attractive along with being productive for the aquarium tank as it shows it complete internal working through the transparent walls of its body as it does the processing of food inside itself making it a treat to watch. 

There can be different dots present on their back. These dots have specific sizes and will also grow roughly around 1.5 inches but the females will always become larger than males. This insect has two pairs of antenna, one long and one short respectively.

This antenna works as sensory organs as they can detect chemical information in front of them such as toxins or food particles which are present at the bottom of the aquarium tanks. This antenna also has social uses that are less understood and observed in the market. This pair of long and short antenna has a specific purpose of their existence in a particular way for their working.

It has rostrum which is a beak-like extension and which is placed in between the eyes and the front space of carapace. The carapace is a hard shell which acts as protection and which acts as a shell to the softer parts of the shrimp working as a defense equipment.

Now even behind this carapace, there are six flexible abdominal segments which connect directly to the tail and in the middle of which there is present the Telson the final segment of this insect.  Under this Telson, there are four segments that form the iconic tail of this insect.

Ghost Shrimp Molting and Lifespan

Ghost Shrimp is one of the species which lives up to one year and this time can vary depending on the individual shrimp and also their place of origin. They are easy to breed and also cheap and that’s the reason why this insect’s species is more into the market and also kept in more densities for making the aquarium tanks more clear and pure as well. 

Ghost Shrimps are mostly dying during transport and hence it increases the mortality rate. As this species eats the uneaten and remaining food, a day will come when they will be too big for their shell leading to their early death. As they have no limits to their eating it is quite obvious overeating will happen.

There is a process where ghost shrimp shed off their old shells and wait for their new shells to harden up and this makes them vulnerable for that period. As and when one shrimp sheds its old shell; one should not remove it from the aquarium as it can be food also to the other shrimp if present in the aquarium tank.

Taking Care of Ghost Shrimp and Their Tank Requirements

A Shrimp which lives in rivers and lakes is typically a freshwater one and so to have such breed one should design the aquarium accordingly. The size of the shrimp also really affects the choice of aquariums to be made accordingly and mostly gallon is preferable.

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One can keep approx a shrimp per gallon for better survival benefits to all organisms present in the aquarium. One has to make sure that the aquatic plants in there are hardy and can take up any pressure present from the shrimps.

Ghost Shrimp Feeding

Ghost Shrimp eats mostly anything which is feed to them directly or even the leftover at the bottom of the aquarium tanks. One has to take care that the food in the aquarium is sufficient with supplements for the shrimp to exist in easily without the risk of overfeeding.


Compatibility: Can we keep them with the Other Fishes?

Ghost Shrimp should be added to the tanks where there are small fishes present as the ghost shrimp is small in size it may get eaten up by the larger fishes in the aquarium. There is a common rule to avoid the shrimp to be eaten up that is keep the shrimp with fishes that do not have a big mouth to swallow the shrimp. Fishes present in the aquarium should complement the existence of shrimp helping to keep a healthy atmosphere for the two.

Ghost Shrimp Breeding

If Ghost Shrimp is kept in a healthy atmosphere it can easily breed with both male and female present along with no stressful environment. The females will be visible as they grow larger n size and will carry eggs and soon the male will fertile the same for breeding.

The females bearing eggs are to be shifted for a few days until the male gets a chance to fertilize the eggs or else the little ones can become food to other creatures. Once the process gets completed and babies are thereafter five weeks they can be provided with normal food which the adults are provided.

Conclusion: Is Ghost Shrimp the Right Choice for Your Aquarium?

Ghost Shrimp is small in size and their easy breeding nature helps one to get an easy addition to the aquariums. They are one of the best cleaners for one’s aquarium and they are cheap in price. Though they do not prove ideal for accompanying the large fishes yet they are beneficial if placed with small fishes and a less stressed atmosphere. 

What do ghost shrimp eat?


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