75 Gallon Aquarium Guide: Equipments, Fishes & Setup Ideas


This 75 Gallon Aquarium is of great size among the various options available in the market forth fishes and aquatic plants and many other aquatic creatures. The main feature of this aquarium tank is that it attracts beginners and also professional aquarists to buy the same without even knowing all specifications just by the size.


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Due to this size of aquarium tank; one is free to choose the number of fishes and other creatures along with the aquatic plants for both fresh as well as salt waters. With this 75 Gallon Tank, you should get ready to brighten your home with a lot more colors and a lot more activities to be performed.

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About 75 Gallon Aquarium: (Overview)


Being one of the large home aquariums, this 75 Gallon Fish Tank can give you full freedom while deciding what you want to acquire and assemble in your tank along with different types of fishes and aquatic plants any other creature which can survive the aquatic conditions.

One can make it a cold aquarium or tropical one or even a marine touch could be given to the same and you have a lot more options available with this aquarium tank than you have in a 10 Gallon Aquarium Tank and Kit.

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There are maximum people who tend to choose the small size of aquarium tanks as they feel that tanks are easy to handle and maintain. But actually the small tanks are more haunting as they have many conditions to follow and also hard to clean and regular maintenance is needed.

But think once rationally large the size of the aquarium it gets easier it is to maintain. As the aquarium tank is large in size we get to include more water in it and the water conditions can be maintained easily.

If your aquarium creatures need more stable water conditions to survive in then one should definitely go for 75 Gallon Aquariums to help oneself with the maintenance and other work.

75 Gallon Aquarium Tank attracts the people who are even at the first stage of being an aquarist as they start keeping fishes just as a hobby in the starting. Beginners are always confused as to which aquarium tank to go for and this is the aquarium tank suitable for them at the very start.

Even this aquarium tank is attracting the professional aquarists who have more experience in this field and have also used many such other aquariums and stayed over with this aquarium just because of its capacity and quality of satisfaction it can provide to the fishes and aquatic plants and other aquatic creatures included within it.  

There are also many variants in this aquarium tank available in the market depending upon one’s budget. As the bigger tanks are every time expensive than the smaller tanks available in the market.

Also, it may be sometimes possible that one has to buy other components separately like a filter, heater and many such other types of equipment which are to be actually attached to the aquarium tanks for its perfect working.

Most of the time these large aquariums are not delivered as a kit so the budget is to be set accordingly and many other such benefits can be availed. There are also certain components naturally included with these aquarium tanks but not all basics are included as these aquarium tanks are a perfect product in themselves.

Those people who buy this aquarium can get a chance to keep larger fishes and also other territorial species can be included if they need space. These aquariums are large enough to even need a room for their existence as they can make the whole room a perfect corner of your house. This aquarium tanks can also be the centerpiece of your room to make it a room worth sitting. 

Dimensions of a 75 Gallon Aquarium

The typical and basic aquarium tank of this size is with dimensions 48 x 18 x 24 inches altogether. These figures can vary from one tank to another one. A 75 Gallon Aquarium will weigh almost 140 lbs when it is empty but will weigh 850 lbs when it will be filled.

This weight can further increase when fishes and decorations like aquatic plants included within itself. One will need a stand that can comfortably accommodate this aquarium even when it is filled with most of the weight.

Equipment Needed for Setting up a 75 Gallon Aquarium

This equipments which are required for such aquarium tanks can vary from one aquarium tank to another aquarium tank. One has to decide which fishes, aquatic plants and other aquatic creatures to be included before buying the particular equipment to be included within the aquarium tank.  

Some types of equipment don’t match with the creatures included in the aquarium tank which can create a problem later on. One has to make sure that the equipment included in the aquarium tank match up with the creatures you are planning to breed in or let them live in. There are many basic pieces of equipment that are to be included in this 75 Gallon home aquarium which can be discussed further.


The filter is the basic equipment that is required in each and every aquarium tank either small or large in size. It’s actually the most important equipment of any aquarium tank set up in anyone’s place. 

These filters play two important parts in the aquarium tanks which are to remove the debris i.e. small stones out of the aquarium and also providing help in preventing building up of toxic materials in the aquarium tank.

This problem of growth of algae is mostly seen in small aquarium tanks. A filter that is infused into the aquarium tanks helps to aerate the water present in the aquarium tank. Proper filter attached can also help in aerating the aquarium tank’s water.

Oxygen is needed for the fishes to breathe and even for the water to be pure and suitable for living. Some tanks will come with an inbuilt filter but many times you have to buy an external or internal filter differently for your aquarium tank.

The packaging of the filters will let you indicate the size of the filter which is actually ideal for the aquarium tank to which it is attached. One can also replace the filters after a certain period of time so that easy and efficient water circulation and cleaning can be done in this large aquarium tank. This replacing of filters will also help them to work and function more efficiently.


This Equipment is almost present and used in every aquarium tank but is not considered that important and also not very crucial for usage in the aquarium tanks.

If one is planning to make it a tropical or marine aquarium tank with similar kind of fishes, then the heater is needed as these fishes are meant to survive in warmer waters and therefore heaters help to regulate the water temperatures accordingly.

But there are even some fishes who tend to stay in cool waters; the best example for which is a goldfish. If you have plans to create it a tropical or marine aquarium tank then powerful heaters should be attached so that it can heat up all water in the aquarium tank and therefore a 300W heater stands ideal for this aquarium tank with a capacity of 75 Gallons.

LED Lights:

Most of the aquarium tanks have lights include in their basic set up for both day and night look of the aquarium tank to be enjoyed. Most of the lights will be on the top of the aquarium tanks as their hoods.

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But there are many aquarium tanks which need a brighter light for their fishes. That’s why focus is on deciding the fishes which you are going to keep in the aquarium tanks and then make equipment related and other decisions accordingly.

Different LEDs and bulbs are available in different colors according to the viewers’ choices and so that one can select from a wide range of options differently for day and night modes for making the aquarium tank so involved more happening and less boring. Also, things to take care of bright lights is when it can provide stress to the fishes involved and also boost the growth of algae in the waters.


When anyone buys a new aquarium and generally the large one, a stand is required to support the heavy structure which one is going to install in one’s office or home as the entre piece mostly.

75 Gallon Fish Tank stand will be specifically designed for the particular aquarium tank by seeing their size and weight and support needed is actually seen. One could also use a particular cabinet or support at home to provide stability to this aquarium tank.  

But also check whether your selected support will support the filled aquarium too in the same way. Whenever you choose an option it should be actually bigger than the actual dimensions of the aquarium tank involved. The stand should be included only when proper support is needed for the weight of this aquarium tank.


Aquarium tanks generally are covered with a hood to cover it from all the external bacteria and many other materials. Mostly the aquarium tanks are sold with hoods for their tops.

There are some things that are to be kept inside and outside the aquarium separately and only the hoods help to cover up the aquarium tanks and separate the same. There are some fishes which swim also very fast to also make them jump out of the aquarium tank if the hoods are not tightly fitted over the aquarium tanks.

There are many pollutants in the air which are to be stopped from entering the tank and so polluting can be avoided. After some time even the evaporation will decrease due to this hood placed on the top of the aquarium tank.

Other Equipment:

An air pump can be included in the aquarium tank to aerate the water and provide the proper flow of oxygen throughout the aquarium tank in which it is placed. This is mostly attached to the tanks which are without plants and mostly for oxygen provided to the aquarium tanks.

The thermometer can also be added to the aquarium tank so that one can make sure that the temperature in the aquarium tank is maintained as needed. This thermometer if included has to be placed on the opposite side of the heater place to see that only accurate readings are received.

One will also need some equipments which are basically used for cleaning of the aquarium tanks. Some fishnets, algae magnets, gravel vacuums and many more other cleaning equipments as cleaning is most crucial for the aquarium tank.

The bottom of the aquarium tank should always be covered with layers of substrate. One can buy different grain sizes including sands and gravels in the aquarium tanks for making them more beautiful and more luxurious in looking. 

Choose decorations for your aquarium tanks according to your fishes and other creatures and other aquatic plants so that there is no problem in their survival and their healthy living.

Which Type of Fishes Can Be Kept in a 75 Gallon Aquarium?

This Aquarium tank size determines the fishes and other aquatic plants and creatures which are to be included. These 75 GallonFish Tanks can keep tropical, cold water or even Marine fish. One can choose from various favorites based on the looks and behavior of the fishes which can get along together in the aquarium tanks.

There are some other things also which can grow fast or slow and according to their place available in the aquarium tank. There are very few options available for cold water tanks as the only the most popular fish is the goldfish for the aquarium tanks.

Setting Up a 75 Gallon Fish Tank: (Set-up Ideas)

Community Aquariums

Community tanks mean when the fishes are included get easily match up with each other and also help in each other survival rather than competing with one another.  

One can keep a variety of fishes, other creatures and also aquatic plants together only after seeing their compatibility together in the aquarium tank. You can make spaces accordingly in the aquarium tank so that fishes can move easily without the plants coming in their way.

One can make different tank mates according to their water conditions requirement i.e. tropical or marine or freshwater. Different kinds of fishes can be included seeing their basic requirements and conditions are matching with one another.

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Species Tank

This option can seem boring to some people as included only one kind in an aquarium tank is not interested yet if only one species is included it will give the best look to the viewer for the first time only.

The focus of the viewer does not deviate and can be focused on the only species present and proper appreciation can be received. There are also certain species which does not jell up with others and also if kept they do not survive or do not let the other species survive.

So this option of keeping a tank with one species is best for them. There are also certain lights included in such aquarium tanks which can make the species included highlight completely so that dull effect is not created by the species present.

Other Set-Up Options

There are other options which can be performed with this aquarium tanks. Fishes are not only the creatures which can be kept alone in the aquarium tanks but also there are many other aquatic creatures present with the help of whom aquarium tank can be created.

There are shrimps, turtles, crabs and many other creatures other than the fit which can survive in particular aquatic conditions created in the aquarium tank so included. Finally, this 75 Gallon Aquarium Tank can also be used as a breeding tank as the other use of it other than only being an aquarium tank o fishes and other creatures.

Ways to Set Up a 75 Gallon Aquarium

The first thing to be done is to clean the aquarium tank completely before using it as an aquarium tank for the fishes and other creatures so included. One can also wipe the aquarium tank with vinegar and a cloth to clean it completely.

Then the location for your aquarium tank is to be chosen according to which various other equipments can be decided. Every 2 weeks the tank is to be cycled with different waters and also the conditions of the water are to be maintained. Also, the nitrate levels of the aquarium tanks are to be maintained and also ammonia is to be controlled.

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Every aquarium tank has its own pro and cons. The larger the aquarium the more number of fishes it can include and also water temperature and maintenance can be easily done. 75 gallon fish tank is a great choice if you can afford such expense and have the space to keep it.

One can include more fishes and creatures from one’s favorite look. Getting the right aquarium according to your needs demands and requirements is necessary for it to be perfect for your place. You must have the space to set up a 75 gallon tank at your place.

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