Zebra Danio Care Guide (Diet, Breeding, Tankmates & More)


Zebra Danio belongs to the kind of species that are small in size, the one which is easily available in the market and has no specific or special conditions to be followed for their survival.  


Danios are easily available enough and can be easily included in any aquarium tank with other types of fishes to make your aquarium more beautiful and a treat to watch.

Zebra Danio is having a relatively low price than other fishes so that most people can afford the same for their aquarium tanks. These fish are one of the foremost choices of every person who wants to start community aquariums.

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About Zebra Danio: (Overview)

This Zebra Danio is naturally originated from some part of India and Bangladesh altogether to make such a big community of their in the aquarium tanks. This fish can also be told as a part originated from the South Asian countries, for example, we can take them as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Myanmar.

Zebra Danio is easy to breed and easily available in the market to anyone and everyone at an affordable price and that is the main reason of their being included in any and every aquarium who wants their aquarium tank to look more beautiful and full of fishes who are calm and smoothening to watch.

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They are mostly commercially bred in industry and so available everywhere in the world. These small fishes are part of the Danio family which is also known as Danio Retro which is always known for its sleek and small fishes which make the aquarium tank look more colorful and beautiful with more number of fishes and a perfect mixture of colors and best aquatic creatures.

Zebra Danio can even swim quickly in your aquarium tank which will create an artistic effect while watching the aquarium tank and also the viewer will be liking to gaze at the aquarium tank to this fishes only.

Zebra Danio Appearance and Features

These Zebra Danio Fishes come in altogether a completely different look and so that they cannot be having confused identity with any other fishes present in the aquatic world. They are the most popular of their family and easily and mostly present in every aquarium tank.

Zebra Danio has a sleek design and slender look with the olive or we can also say brown color with the blue strips and which can be also called as streaks which are present from the start of its body in the front to the end of its body at its back making it a big highlight to their whole body color and structure.

Zebra Danio is not only of one type but two types that are differentiated according to their fins. There are usually two fin forms which include short and long. There is usually no difference other than the fins in their appearance.

Both of these long and short fins types can swim faster in the aquarium tank better than other fishes but the long finfish is seen to be swimming low and slow than the short finfish.

This characteristic commonly lets the fish swim slowly as the fins get larger increasing its body area and decreasing its speed in the water of the aquarium tank accordingly.

This fish has a big family in its background and is not only one of its kind but every member of their family has something different and unique for them to be included in the aquarium tanks by the user’s demands and looks which he wants for its aquarium tanks.

Zebra Danios are also very useful in scientific research along with being included in everyone’s aquarium for their beauty and looks. The scientific researchers use these fishes in their research for cloning and even for transgenic technology.

The cloning process includes replicating i.e. a single fragment of DNA is placed in an organism to check whether there is sufficient evidence to analyze or use the organism in protein production and also for finding some type of same fishes. 

Transgenic technology is one of the processes which is used to introduce DNA into a host organism to see the changes and effects on the organism from the changes so added and made.

This technique is a technique in an organism mostly mouse that is trained in a way to carry foreign genes and then shows or reflects the changes accordingly and in the end, it is checked whether these techniques used on fish are beneficial or not good for their survival or existence.

Zebra Danio Features


Zebra Danio fishes are also the first molded glow fish in the market. These fishes did not have first come up with lights but after being genetically molded they got their fluorescent light.

Zebra Danio fishes can emit lights which are neon or even we can call them as florescent lights so that when they swim around in the aquarium tank, one can easily make out that this is the fish with their neon lights emitting.

Zebra Danio fishes are the first glow fish in the market which are genetically molded or we can say modified fish which can emit fluorescent or neon lights at night while adding to the beauty of nightlife to the aquarium tank in which they are placed.

Zebra Danio fishes are kept in large numbers in the aquarium tank so that not only one moving light is visible but many of such kind are visible making the viewer have a stunning experience with this aquarium tank like never before. 

Mostly aquariums need lights so Zebra Danio fishes and other creatures are clearly visible in the night too but here these fishes are their own light and emit neon lights to make the aquarium lightened by itself without many LEDs to be added.

Zebra Danio Aquarium Setup and Tank Conditions

Zebra Danio does not live in deep waters even when they are in their natural environment. These fishes prefer to be in shallow waters for their better growth and survival in the aquatic world which can be completed away from big predators as they stay in deep waters.

But Zebra Danio fishes are swimmers who are completely active in nature and like to continuously move to and fro in the aquarium tanks. At least a 10 gallons of an aquarium is needed for this kind of active swimmers.

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There is a completely separate space that is to be created as a perfect set up with the help of spacing created by planting different aquatic plants in a way they do not disturb these active swimmers while swimming in the aquarium.

The aquatic plants which are to be included in the tanks for this fish are to be planted at the side and also on the backside of the aquarium tank so that the fishes get enough space to swim at their own space and speed in the aquarium tanks. These fishes are also affected by the rocks so the rocks are to be kept low in number just to add a natural feel to the aquarium tank.

Zebra Danio fishes enjoy fast swimming so one has to compulsory keep a lid over an aquarium tank as this fish if jumps due to its speed of swimming can also be out of the aquarium so for safety purposes a lid is to be attached to such aquarium tanks.

Zebra Danio should be grouped of other three or four aquatic creatures with similar sizes of fishes and others. This fishes mostly adjust in any normal water conditions but do their best in acidic waters with ph. the level between 6.5-7.2 and yet soft too. These fishes accept a wide range of water temperatures from 64 to 79 degrees and can easily live into such aquarium tanks.

Zebra Danio fishes can tolerate cool waters more nicely and so they are kept in unheated tanks to get maximum life of these fishes along with providing them a natural and healthy environment.

The plants which are added in this aquarium setup need lightening, fertilizers, and CO2 ad many other such elements are to be added to the aquarium tanks for the plants to grow in a healthier way and also to support the breeding and living of Zebra Danio fish.

This fishes’ aquarium does not need very advanced filters to be attached as a very mild filtration process can also be performed in the aquarium tank. Filtration so is done needs not to be too much high powered and a normal hang on the filter will definitely work best for this aquarium setup for the Zebra Danio.

Tank Mates and their Temperament

These fishes are kind of peaceful and peace-loving fishes and live definitely in harmony with other aquatic creatures and plants present along with them. Zebra Danio fishes swim in speed so that they would be out of contact and also make no trouble to others because of their existence along with being non-aggressive in nature against any other aquatic creature.


Danios are to agile due to which they catch up newborn other fish so that special care of eggs is to be taken while with these fishes. Mostly in the wild, these fishes do not co-exist with other species?

Zebra Danio is a kind of skittish fish that will remain in its own space without getting in contact with other larger tank mates and remains mostly hidden in the aquarium tanks. One can expect these fishes to be less timid if the same size of other fishes is also added to the aquarium tanks.

Because when Zebra Danio fishes stay in groups they are expected to show better colors.  A group of his fishes gives the aquarium tank a lavish and beautiful look all together with different colors roaming into the aquarium tank.

Can We Keep Zebra Danios with Other Fishes?

As Zebra Danios generally do not co-exist with other species in wild, even in the aquarium tanks they supposed to behave in such ways. If one is planning to breed other species in this aquarium at most care is to be taken while the newborns are there as these fishes easily catch up babies of other species.

Feeding Zebra Danios

This fish has no such diet like thing as they are ready to accept all little food particles present and even they can eat live foods such as blood worms, worms and many such small insects on which they can prey on easily.

Zebra Danios have no such specific food conditions and that’s why they accept most of the food flakes even although it can be a good idea to grind the food between your fingers first and then provide it to them so that it can be easily eaten up by the fishes as they are small in size. 

This fishes like many other small fishes may also eat algae though their eating habits cannot help one to control the algae problem faced in the aquarium tanks. This fishes can be feed also with lettuce and other such kind of foods that contain such materials which is good for these fishes to digest and even live a healthier life.         

Breeding Zebra Danio

The best way to breed Zebra Danio is to take half a dozen of these fishes and let them choose the mating partner accordingly. This fish is egg scatter and so needs utmost care taken while breeding of them with some specific conditions and are also difficult to breed them in the aquarium tanks.

They can have mating at any temperature so that no seasonal or temperature changes are to be made to the aquarium tank for their breeding. Breeding can be successfully done in water tanks of 4 to 6 inches of water present. Place the breeding pair in a breeding tank before spawning.

Zebra Danio will 400 to 500 eggs in the morning and do not forget to take the adults out of the tank as they can eat up the babies or even eggs in the breeding tanks. It usually takes 3 to 4 days for these eggs to hatch up completely.

Zebra Danio will not reach the adult size for up to 3 months. As this species is easily bred and easy availability leads to more population to be present in the market. Easy reproduction will always lead to the inclusion of this species in the aquarium tanks. 

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