Neon Tetra Complete Care Guide, Breeding and Disease (2020)


Neon Tetra Overview

The Neon Tetra has a place with the Characiformes group of fish, generally characterized by their blade arrangement of a fan upheld by a few bones. Splendid hues and simplicity of consideration are two factors that have added to the notoriety of this shocking minimal tropical aquarium fish.


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Neon tetras were found by August Rabaut during his voyage to the Amazon wildernesses. He was enchanted by this current fish’s glittery appearance and he chose to carry some to Europe to indicate them to the market!

Individuals in Europe wondered about these fish and were hypnotized by their shapes and amazing hues. They didn’t give the fish a name for a long while, however. They were introduced by and to numerous acclaimed individuals like the proofreader William T.

Innes who talented them to one of his companions, Dr. George Myer. There were a few articles written in the paper about the newfound wonderful fish which grabbed everybody’s eye.

It has an axle formed at the body and a dull nose. It has a glowing blue flat stripe along each side of the body. Neon tetra fishes are additionally brightened with a red stripe on each side of the body.

The red stripes start at the center of the body and stretch out posteriorly to the base of the caudal balance. The side over the blue stripe is a dim olive green shade and the blades are about straightforward.

Neon Tetra Tank Arrangement


They are dynamic and enthusiastic little swimmers that will shoot forward and backward continually and expect space to move.

The perfect aquarium should mirror the regular Neon Tetras living space. The waterway Amazon and its tributaries are loaded up with thickly developed vegetation and the streams and streams are concealed by wilderness vegetation. Coasting plants to eliminate the light force is suggested.

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Water Parameters for Neon Tetras

In a perfect world, a water temperature of 68-77 °F ought to be kept up and water of center hardness to delicate is suggested. Moderate acclimation when including new Neon Tetra fish is profoundly prescribed for these touchy fish. The substrate bed ought to be 1 to 2 inches down and secured with some rock.


Plants that are ordinarily utilized in aquariums, for example, java greenery, java greeneries, and stem plants, for example, hygrophila. Adding plants, for example, these to your tank improves the earth for them, Plants expel nitrates from the water just as giving a surface to modest living beings and green growth to develop, which many fish appreciate eating.


They prefer relieving lighting. Except if you are developing propelled plants then a shabby fish tank LED light apparatus will get the job done. Make sure to turn it off during the evening, or put it on a clock plug.

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A decent method to tell if you  are pushed or debilitated is to note if the hues still remain to diminish subsequent to lighting for a spell. On the off chance that the hues stay dull, the fish is either pushed or wiped out.


Your radiator should coordinate the volume of your tank and ought to in a perfect world have an indoor regulator to keep the temperature stable, something which is frequently more significant than the real temperature itself.

What Kind of Filtration do Neon Tetras Need

An inward channel or Hang-On-Back channel is the best alternative. These channels are genuinely modest and work by siphoning the water through channel media.

Neon tetras are undemanding concerning filtration, and appreciation to a little bio-load simply require a major HOB (Hang on the back) channel or a wipe channel. They should never be added to a tank that hasn’t been properly cycled, and the more build up a tank is, the better.

I would solidly recommend picking an Aquaclear Power Filter for a fish tank. This channel unites incredible filtration with a strong structure, and it will keep your tank shining clear for an extensive time allotment to come.

Neon Tetra Tank Mates and How Many of Them Should Be Stored

Neon Tetra fishes are non-regional and tutoring fish that is the reason you need at least ten fishes in a tank. Try not to include them in aquariums with huge or forceful fish that may consider them to be nourishment.

The potential of your tank along with the adult size of the fish will decide the amount of fish you can store in your fish tank. One of the most effective ways by which you can induce an idea of what number fish your aquarium can accommodate is by employing a 1-inch thumb rule of fish per gallon.

This implies that if your fish tank contains a capacity of 80 liters, theoretically you may be able to accommodate 80 “of fish.

If you think practically, to your 80-gallon tank you are never going to add all 80 inches of fish. Larger body species, such as goldfish, move a lot of water. Also, it manufactures plenty of waste as compared to the smaller body species similar to the zebrafish.

In addition to it, an eighty-gallon tank can contain less than 80 gallons due to the ornaments, gravel, equipment, and plants that you can increase the tank will decrease the quantity of the water. The fish may be tiny after you buy it, however, it’ll certainly grow.

It’s also necessary to contemplate the very fact that some fish are wider than others and might manufacture a lot of waste. As an example, neon tetras are terribly skinny and robust whereas several cichlids have thicker and a lot of compact bodies. In cases like this, the one inch per gallon rule might not work.

Neon Tetra Diet and Feeding

We recently talked about what neon tetra fish feed on in their normal living space. In any case, with regards to keeping them in a fish tank, they feed on various nourishments.

Little granules
Solidified brackish water shrimp
Live and solidified or dried bloodworms

They eat an assortment of sustenances yet as little particles. It is in every case great to blend their nourishment with solidified or live sustenance since it makes them more beneficial.

You should nourish them two times each day. Exceptionally little dinners for each time are suggested on the grounds that its stomach is little and they can just eat a limited quantity of sustenance. Try not to offer them beyond what the sum they can devour in 2-3 minutes. Uneaten sustenance will bargain the water quality and adversely influence the wellbeing of your fish.

Neon Tetra Disease

The standard ailments for this neon tetras are arranged “disorder” and “false disease”. Both are dangerous ailments with no fix at the present time. To guarantee the others, one should rapidly remove from the aquarium a sullied part.

Moderately couple of fishkeepers comprehend that various breeds are not sheltered from the disease. The name ‘Neon Tetra Disease‘ originates from how the ailment was first found in Neon Tetra Fish. Most other Tetra breeds are in threat, and a lot of other absolutely different breeds can get it.

What Causes This Disease

The infection is realized by parasites, which join to has inside an aquarium. The most generally perceived blameworthy gatherings are typically the dead gatherings of other fish, and on some live sustenances, for instance, Tubifex.

Neon Tetra Disease Symptoms

Trouble swimming
An uneven outside. These are achieved by rankles which make in the muscles.
Loss of concealing
A state of the spine

Other, discretionary defilements, for instance, balance ruin and swelling can make as a result of this disease, yet they are not clearly related. Tanks which were at present required by wiped out fish can essentially manufacture the threat of your fish getting this sickness.

Neon Tetra Breeding

Neon tetras are not livebearers but rather are egg scatterers. It is an exceptionally troublesome undertaking to breed them, yet it should be possible in unmistakable and exact conditions to guarantee the procedure’s prosperity.

Above all else, you need a different tank which you are going to keep just for rearing neon tetra fishes. The hardness of the water should be 1 to 2 GH and pH level of 5.0 to 6.0.

You need a wipe channel to channel the water consistently. Besides, you should include plants wherever in the tank. Ensure your tank is adequately secured by a cover in light of the fact that bringing forth fish will hop consistently till the producing procedure is finished.

At that point give the tank the appropriate diminish lightning. The water’s temperature must be actually 24 degrees Celsius. Feed the male and the female in the rearing tank live sustenance to make them more advantageous and to quicken the mating and generating forms.

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When you previously put the two fish in the tank, ensure it is totally dim, at that point carry all the more light to the tank the following day. It is accepted that bringing forth happens in the first part of the day. The female disperses around 100 eggs without a moment’s delay.

Be cautious on the grounds that the eggs are straightforward and you will see them adhering to the plants. When the neon tetra eggs are seen, rapidly expel the male and the female neon tetras from the reproducing tank since they eat their young ones.

You need to keep the tank in a dull spot since this will enable the eggs to incubate. Bring forth happens in 24 hours and small straightforward child will be discharged to the water.

Not the majority of the neon tetra eggs bring forth so don’t be frustrated when a specific one doesn’t. 3 to 4 days after birth, you can nourish the little particles of sustenance like egg yolk, infusoria or arranged sear nourishment.

At that point, in merely weeks, they will increase and you will most likely encourage them typically. A sear turns into a grown-up which is completely hued after about one month just while they can begin reproducing when they are nine months of age.

The Necessities for Neon Tetra Care

A generally enormous aquarium (10 gallons would be the best)
Cycle the tank without fish inside
Spread the channel on the grounds that the fish could be sucked into it
Get your aquarium planted
Screen the pH level
Spot the tank in curbed lighting
Feed the fish twice or multiple times every day

It is critical to have an enormous tank since neon tetras don’t care to be packed in a minor spot. They want to swim uninhibitedly and investigate all around the spot, so you should set up a 10-gallon tank for a gathering of 10 neon tetra fishes.

You can include neon tetra tank mates too, in the event that you need. Dealing with them could be troublesome from the outset yet they merit going after for. You will really get yourself enthusiastic about adhering to the directions and dealing with the water parameter normally.

It is essential to give this species an advantageous climate. They are not exhausting animal types at all incidentally. Their swimming examples will interest you and divert you. You will consistently have your consideration caught by their fun-loving swimming habits!

Neon tetra fish is a tropical aquarium fish, so giving the tank a warmer would be an ideal thought! the more you include things that will help in improving their exhibition, the more secure they get, the more agreeable they become, and the less there is a danger of having pushed and sick neon tetras.


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