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Review on Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Aquarium Filter

In daily life you might be having so many task to be accomplished but to take care of your health and maintaining hygiene is the basic level of your self-care. Similarly when it comes to your pets you want to do the same, isn’t it?


In this article I have reviewed about the Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Aquarium Filter which will help you to decide whether you should purchase it or not? I have also mentioned other options below so that you could pick your best filter.


Let’s know about the brand first;

Penn-Plax began in 1956 when Marvin Goldman, an engineer and fish hobbyist, together with his wife Anita, opened Saratoga Tropiquarium, a pet shop in Brooklyn, New York. Marvin’s brother Jerry came into the team as an industrial designer. Today’s status of Penn-Plax is that it distributes 4,000 SKUs throughout the U.S. and in 44 other countries. Spread worldwide with great effect. They have now joint ventures with overseas manufacturers, opening distribution centers in California, Memphis, Tenn, Europe and China.

Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Review

It’s quiet heavy in weight of about 9 kg. It’s for 380 liters and pumps for 1000 liters per hour. It can deliver you all the three types of filtration: biological, chemical, and mechanical. It makes the water clear with great speed. It’s easy to install. Comes with all required equipment that is needed in your fish tank and begins filtration within thirty minutes.

There is a floss pad which helps to eliminate fine particles while the carbon does the work of removing toxins and waste from the water. It also comes with the disconnector that helps to control the filter flow rate. It makes a secure and water tight fit, having four locking clamps with a Motorhead with O ring.

How Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Aquarium Filter Is Better Than Other Filters

Penn Plax Cascade 1000 handles 100-gallon tank maximum at 265 gallons per hour, in comparison to the FX6’s 400 gallon maximum at 563 GPH, though it’s more effective than the Cascade 700, which could only do a 65-gallon tank at 185 GPH which probably would not be your pace to work with. Cascade 100 is the upgrade version to a solid mid-level filter if you’re looking for better than the earlier Cascade 700.

If you want something great in hand plus within your budget a great package to deal with. I love to be updated with fish aquariums cropping up in the market so if you too are the one get updated then do follow me. It functions well and makes your tank look clearer and better than before.

Features of Cascade 1000

It is external Canister Filter for aquariums up to 380 liters and pumps 1000 liters per hour. It functions at 220 volts and has 2 Pin plug. There is also a large capacity for holding this multi stage filtration. Comes with easy push button primer which is very quick and has two autonomous 360 degree rotation taps. It has adjustable was flow rate and easy in maintenance.

Pros of Penn Plax 1000 Cascade Filter

-It’s very affordable within your budget and can purchase if you want something good in low price.
-It is Sturdy and has been known for its significant feature of doing operations quietly.
-Some filters don’t come with media but this Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter 1000 gives you the media which is needed so that you don’t have the trouble to purchase it later.

Cons of Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Aquarium Filter

-Priming is quite difficult Challenging to Prime
-It has a bit do the learning curve.
-Makes use of high power letting you consume your electricity at high level.
-Not that power pact for doing efficient actions.

Things to be considered for the best c cascade 1000 Filter

Certain things must be considered for picking up the best turtle aquarium. For that you need to get the tank which is clean and which makes your water look neat and cleaned up for their lives. The turtle looks great if you have a well-managed aquarium and includes all those important features that enhance the lifestyle of turtles. The main thing that should be notified is the filter used for its survival. For healthy living their filter should be of best quality so that it cleans your water on regular basis without any error. Following things should be considered while buying filter for the turtle:

The Tank Size and Flow Rate

Two most of the important characters that should be taken into consideration while purchasing filter is the detailed description mentioned in the product of the manufacturer. The flow rate should be taken into account as it should be high.


Nobody want to waste their money on a short term product they want things in which they can invest and can live prolong. For durability you need to consider the quality of the product. Its quality mentions its existence.

Type of Motor

You need to think what kind of filter you want. Accordingly, you must choose a model which serves you the all-round facility. If you have a motor that is effective and efficient then it will work for longer duration giving more results. Maintenance and the structure should be up to date so as to run the product successfully. Thus, reliable motor is a hard not to crack.

Maintenance of the Filter

The moment you see your work getting done with precision you will also get some disturbance followed by the filters maintenance. See to it that you make the best choice so that you don’t need to spend more time on fixing the filter because the time it cleans the water it also gets dirty and requires proper maintenance. Most of the manual speaks it all to how to manage your filter at such time with details.

The Brand

Brand images speaks it all. They cannot lie it’s real reputation that has been made it’s impact on the people making use of the product. It is always recommended to bring a product that has reputation build in the brands. They earn trust and loyalty forms the perspectives of the consumers. The brands that I have mentioned above are the top most recommended brand amongst all in the market. So you can totally trust in the review and bring on the filters that you desire.

Set up/ Primimg

The set up process seems to be annoying for every person who brings up a new fish tank. Some or the other problems get generated but what if all the solution is mentioned in manuals still you are not able to comprehend, then what ? Therefore seeing all side ways to bring in the best solutions for your problem the company has successfully made available DVDs and online videos so that you understand properly with no doubts encountering.

It will be easy for you if you are not the beginner.  Priming has now become too simple because of the introduction of the quick prime button. Within no time it fills the canister and throws off the need for manual siphoning, lowering down the messes so created. I am anticipating to look forward more and more filters to start incorporating this damn good feature. You just need to follow the instructions so as mentioned in the manual and hope for the best.

Marineland announced the no-bypass feature making it a cherry on cake for people who were literally looking for such filters. It has interlocking, sealed media trays that force the water to pass through the various filters. Marineland ensures you get properly filtered water by making it compulsion to pass the tank water with no other path to take.

I personally saw the reviews that told about the issues faced by the keepers about the leakage problem making it a hot topic for defaming the image of the brand. So I personally thought to bring it home and investigate if it’s true? But there was no leakage problem encountered by me so I would recommend you to bring this filter as this gives the complete necessary safety for your fish tank from rest filters.

Just see to it that you don’t overfill.  If you have your trays overstuffed then no latches will be catcher. Load the trays properly so that the flow rates not get hiked however, Marineland c360 pumps water at proper rate. It’s mentioned to have a maximum capacity of 100 gallons and a maximum rate of 360 gph. Its quiet impressive and what else do you want your filter to function more than ever demanded.


Consider the filter’s power and voluminous storage capacity, to get a good deal at a reasonable price. You may find more powerful filters out there, certainly, but if the price range is not suitable for you and your going out of your budget then the Marineland is going to be difficult to top in terms of overall value.

Comparable Filters


Fluval Fx6 Filter

If your hunting for the strong filter then this filter would definitely fit to your expectations. It has the capacity to pump water up to 400 gallons in volume at a great speed of 563 GHP. You might have to pay a bit attention for their usage as it comes with stronger power unit needing low Maintaining and has great features for your big tanks. It typically uses a smart pump technology to keep up with the speed.  All together it has good power, easy to manage and good going with price ranges.


Marineland C530 Filter

The Marineland c-530 is rivalry to the Fluval FX6. It comes with a flow rate of 530 GPH with maximum capacity of 150 gallons. Quiet impressive right! If your concerned with price then let me tell you don’t need be worried about that it’s within your range. You can totally afford it. The main thing about this filter is it’s the jack of all trades but master of some. No great status but not even worse. Even a beginner can work with it you don’t need to worry a lot.

Marineland-c-530-Filter is great with its power function and works with a bit difficult usage as per I got to know. Prices are mere a fact to deal with no big tension.


Penn Plax Cascade 1500

If you are loyal to this Cascade sets only then why to be late get to know about its latest trends in the market. Do not be stuck with its old sets get equipped with the Penn Plax Cascade 1500. It has larger trays for filter giving an edge over other Filters for running with great media in a long duration.

This might seem a bit expensive in terms of price when compared to the rest Cascade Filters because of its services provided but less than the FX6. It gives you the strong power by not compromising with your budget a must model that you will likely fall for.
In all, it has good power performance. With ease of use in setup and low price.

Conclusion For Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Filter

Choosing a filter is a necessary step in aquarium ownership, and there are a lot of great options that will keep your tank water fresh and healthy for a long time coming. If you’re a first-time aquarium owner or need to strike a balance between factors such as power, price, and ease-of-use, the Penn Plax Cascade 1000 filter is a good choice to get you started.


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