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Sunsun Canister Filter

-It has 3 media trays which makes it easy to handle your choice of media.
-You don’t need to do manual siphoning as Canister Filter has a convenient self-priming pump.
-The filter has an adjustable spray bar which allows you to adjust the output flow from the sunsun canister filter.
-Affordable and best price canister filter to date when compared to others with similar characteristics.

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-Fluval canister filters gives you no disturbance and makes you able to do your work with peace as HW-302 is quite.
-Good capacity canister filter and includes built-in UV sterilizers.
-Fluval canister filter has 264GPH making it an able to work for larger tanks upto 75 gallons.
-Multi-stage filtration and handy to use with it’s quiet operation making you think is it operational or not, amazed? it’s that quiet.
-Fluval canister filter can be adjusted to cabinet-style tanks as it is small in size. The dimensions are 9L x 9W x 15.5H.

Sunsun Canister Filter

Sunsun Canister Filter – HW 302 External Canister Filter

Are you buying the Sunsun Canister Filter in your house then this review is definitely for you. Just read my review and you will be friendly with this canister filter. Sunsun is the China brand which makes quality filters at lower price than any other brands comparison. It’s best valued for money and to makes your tank look clean and beautiful with it’s amazing filter.

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Many people have the passion of keeping fishes as their pets. Even a small kid tends to fall in for these lovely vibrant color fishes igniting their minds to bring it in their house. Well, having a passion for your things is different while actually living your passion. Because once you introduce these sweet little fishes in your house then it becomes compulsive to take their utmost care and maintenance.

One of the difficulty encountered by many fish keepers is the maintenance process – how to keep it clean at the same time how to keep your fish healthy and happy…plus see that they don’t fall prey to the other species inside the tank. So not just cleaning but also seeing that the fishes you select are friends with each other becomes the major concern.

Well, talking about cleaning procedure it can be easily done with the Best Sunsun Canister Filter designed to make your work easy. Let’s gets started with this Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter.

Overview Of The SunSun HW-302 Canister Filter


Sunsun 5 Stage External Canister Filter is very affordable to purchase because of it’s great value for money. There’s a machine which helps to kick out the dust and dirt particles and also it makes your water tank purified by it’s organic components. sunsun canister filter keeps water pollution out of your tank reach and helps to grow algae only in the required amount and maintaining ammonia and nitrite level it’s nil level. The sunsun canister filter is absolutely quiet and you can easily install it. Canister filter has great capacity with suitable water flow rate and flexibility.

Disadvantage That Comes Along With Sunsun Canister Filter

-If you forget to supervise then UV sterilization could backfire.
-If your handling it for the first time beware as it’s Self priming may be tricky for you.
-The directions mentioned to start up this filter is not perfectly understandable because of it’s imperfect
-English leaving you a doubt with it’s manual.
-No media is accompanied with this canister filter which certainly means you need to buy it from outside.

You need Internal Filters For Aquarium.
-You might find hoses being too stiff at first time.
-You need to remind yourself with priming.

Who Can Use Sunsun Canister Filter HW-302?

This sunsun canister filter is chosen by people who are looking for something cheap and in pocket filtration for their fish tank. Also if you’re moving form HOB Canister Filters that are quiet expensive. Hunting for a super quiet filtration process so that you don’t get disturbed with your work and cam concentrate peacefully. Its easy setup makes people to makes it one of the reason for purchase. Plus if you have tank which is up to 75 gallons and seeking one such filter.

What’s In the Box?

The HW-302 canister filter gives you the complete package of what you need for your filtration procedure. It consists of hose connections intake tube and outlet bar with manual inside the box. It a bit heavy and clearly for your perfect usage. You might have heard about the China products being a short term duration but this is not what you think. Though it’s made in China it has capacity and durability with good stake.

It doesn’t comes with media but there’s a three tray media enabled to make use with different media’s and you can buy poly fill for such purpose. One problem that you can come across is that the instructions described in the book is very bad. You might not understand what is told in their manual and might require help to make it understand. But this isn’t a big problem if you have earlier installed any Filters then it would be easy to set up without manual also.

Set Up of the SunSun Canister Filter


Setup of Sunsun canister filter 5 Stage External Canister Filter is quite simple and easy for you if you have earlier done the setup of filters before as the manual lacks to make people understand it’s installation. You might get a bit trouble with priming at initial stage but once you get equipped you will see it’s great functioning. I would suggest you to fill the filter before you start priming. Hoses that comes along are also stiff but if you drop them into hot water it will become flexible.

What You Really Need To Know about SunSun HW-302?

HW 302 canister filter has great competition with some great brands in the market like like Fluval, Eheim, and Marineland making it the cheaper brand standing out at top of the list. There are many people who used to purchase expensive filters for their fish tanks but the time when Sunsun HW 302 canister filter is introduced it has stolen the hearts of people and made a place in their house because of it’s low price though working like the expensive ones.

They are quiet happy with the switch made by them making it a smart choice for them. Being the HOB hang on back filter many people have brought it in their system. It cleans up the water with great ease and making no loud noise that definitely is must wanted by the consumers. It’s that quiet! Just by vibrations you could come to know that is operating otherwise you won’t understand is it working or not?

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Relaxing, right. A great feature introduced by the Sunsun canister filter China Manufacturer. What esle you need in your Gallon Fish Tank? Well, other than these certain things you might consider while purchasing so here’s the list that you really need to know about Sunsun HW 302.

Construction And Design

The SunSun-China HW-304B allows you to install the filter outside of the water and aquarium as the name itself suggest you that it is an external sunsun canister filter . Manufactured with good quality materials making you you job done with great ease and it’s sturdy enough to do with good pace.

Comes with many add-ons and attachable so that your tank look clean and neat at it’s best. Sunsun canister filter makes your work done precisely. Sunsun Canister Filter is quiet hefty weighing of about 14 pounds and measuring 11 x 11 x 17 inches in dimensions and this product is designed in it’s impressed way so that it just not look good but also grabs attention from the seeker.



SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter makes use of not one or two, but 5 vivid and different stages of filtration. Canister filter makes your water clean and fresh at every stage giving you no chance for questioning. It’s more hygienic and leaves the aquarium life growing further. It consists of 4 baskets to load filtration media of your choice. It comes with  some filter cotton, bio-ball and ceramic rings with the box itself.

But they are not enough for you so you might require to purchase more from the stores.  For the first chamber make use of foam or synthetic cotton which will do the mechanical filtration part. Sunsun canister filter is termed to be the best way for biological filter media so that the sunsun canister filter don’t get clogged. Make use of second and thrud layer for the biological process of filtration. Make use of bio ball in second layer for good results while ceramic rings or crashed lava rocks for the third layer respectively.

Lastly make use of chemical filtration for the last layer or even if you want you can go with biological filtration.  Avoid charcoal or carbon if you have plants in your tank and your using fertilizer for it’s proper growth. The reason behind avoiding use of carbon is that it eats up all the nutrients that are available in water required by plants to flourish.

But if you have only fish tank and no plants inside it then the use of carbon will be useful as it will wipe out the odour and pigmentation of water making it clean. Also you need to replace the carbon for every three months which is a backdrop because if you don’t do it then the chemicals absorbed by carbon will get leaked out of it making the water again impure.

Amazing part of this sunsun canister filter is that it comes with UV sterilizer! Yes you heard me right. It has a built in9 watt UV sterilizer which makes sure the water remains clean by clearing the unwanted microorganisms and controlling the extravagant algaes and bacteria. It is truly a blessing to have such sterilizer in the package as many people have to purchase it form stores making it waste of money.


If your are fish keepers then you might have definitely known with the Fluval Canister Filters that give you a lot of disturbance. They literally make you go deaf with their loud and harsh noises. You probably want some peace and concentration for the work you might be doing but if you get such filters then probably you would give up on fish keeping.

But what if I say the filter that you are thinking of is now available in your stores too? Excited? Yes, now the SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter is one such filter that doesn’t makes huge noise making it unique product. It will function just like any other filters but without eating your head. You will feel as if the operation has stop but no they do their functioning quietly.


The SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter has a great capacity power. You can powerfully filter through 130 to 150 gallon aquarium. Mentioning about the flow rate, it circulates 525 GPH or 2000 liters per hours. When compared to other filters it’s power head is truly worth keeping.

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Plax Cascade Canister Filter doesn’t come with flow rate control feature which could bring a disappointment to your face. Even though it makes the adjustable feature for directing the nozzle to gain maximum coverage for your fish tank. Just like any other filter this Sunsun filter too has a provision to make use of surface skimmer which keeps your down surface clean and healthy by it’s inlet pipe structure.

Ease Of Use

It’s quiet comfortable in use.  Although you might encounter with certain problem in it’s assembly because of it’s improper English instructions but overall if you have used Filters before then without having a look in manual you can just fix it up accordingly. Also there a bit problem in priming as it doesn’t comes with special feature like that of Fluval FX6 or Fluval G6 Canister filter. You can make use of YouTube for guiding yourself with the setup if you’re doing it for the first time. It has been instructed very properly how to buck it up.


If you are looking for a durable, quiet filter that does the job and fits inside your budget, you can’t beat the SunSun HW-302 canister filter. Sure, there are other great filters out there with similar features.


You’ll end up paying more for them than for the HW-302.The HW-302 is also a top rated sunsun canister filter on Amazon, Big Al’s and PetSmart so you can be confident that you are picking a great product that will keep your water clear for a long time.

Overall, the SunSun HW-302 canister filter is an excellent choice, especially if you are on a budget. With the savings from this filter, you can easily afford to upgrade other features of your tank. Given the price Points.

I am extremly happy with my purchase. I use it on a 50 gallon tank with plants and it has almost elimated the need to do water changes almost.

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